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1 s001.JPGAmazing oak grain walnut stained dining set with table and six chairs. Do not miss out on this wonderful formal dining set. Amazing upholster and leather bottom of chairs are comfortable and very fashionable. The table is approximately 42 inches wide by 7 feet long 31 1235 525.00   ended
2 s009.JPGBeautiful metal framed artwork with contemporary design perfect in any modern home . Approximately 45 in by 45 in.  12 1063 31.00   ended
3 s011.JPGAnother beautiful decorative piece. This decorative metal large cross is approximately 33 inches long. 9 1063 13.00   ended
4 s013.JPGDon't miss this amazingly designed metal cross with the stylistic flower approximately 20 inches long, this would make a great addition to any home 8 1063 16.00   ended
5 s015.JPGNice contemporary accessory shelf and cabinet. This black distressed piece of furniture would be a wonderful addition to any nook.  This item is approximately 31 inches tall. 8 1063 50.00   ended
6 s017.JPGThis is the first of three decorative metal container items. These items come in a set  however are being sold separately, 7 1188 9.00   ended
7 s020.JPGAuthentic Indian hand tufted woolen carpet approximately 8' x 10' long this will make a great addition to any home classic design Lynn's itself to multiple uses including dining bedrooms or living areas. 19 1273 112.00   ended
8 s025.JPGBeautiful wall plaque series the clearing faith love and hope approximately 13 inches wide and 26 inches tall. This is something that every home needs and deserves 13 1141 23.00   ended
9 s028.JPGAnother beautiful home decoration items this cross with the flower in the center is less than 13 inches tall over makes a great start 4 1269 12.00   ended
10 s029.JPGBeautiful entry table with inlaid top ornately carved legs and front façade with drawer.  The table is approximately 60 inches wide makes a beautiful statement of quality.  18 1063 185.00   ended
11 s036.JPGVery nice three-way table lamp approximately 31 1/2 inches tall to the top of the finial 6 1166 22.00   ended
12 s037.JPGThis is the second matching three-way table lamp approximately 31 1/2 inches tall to the top of the finial 6 1166 22.00   ended
13 s039.JPGLarge and amazing round beveled the mirror with scalloped edges approximately 36 inches wide 17 1063 100.00   ended
14 s040.JPGBeautiful decorative potted floral with metal base and turned handles. Item stands Apx 12 in tall.  10 1226 40.00   ended
15 s046.JPGBeautiful scenery work for approximately 12 in.² 2 1188 2.00   ended
16 s049.JPGVery large fleur de lis metal decoration.  This wall art is approximately 36 inches wide by 36 inches tall 8 1063 50.00   ended
17 s051.JPGDon't miss out on this beautiful buffet.  This is a beautiful piece furniture that needs to find a new home.  It measures approximately 76 inches wide and features great lines and abundant storage. This is a wonderful piece but needs a little tender loving care to be back in its original condition.    19 1232 420.00   ended
18 s057.JPGMeasuring approximately 43 inches tall by 31 inches wide this amazing framed mirror is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of places in your home. 22 1063 110.00   ended
19 s061.JPGBeautiful lamp with Barrel shade on decorative base has approximately 30 inches tall. Once again this is a used item that has minor damage but does not affect the static nature and functional nature of the lamp itself 6 1232 12.00   ended
20 s067.JPGBeautiful lamp with Merrill shade on decorative base has approximately 30 inches tall. Once again this is a used item that has minor damage but does not affect the static nature and functional nature of the lamp itself 6 1232 12.00   ended
21 s061.JPGBeautiful lamp with Merrill shade on decorative base has approximately 30 inches tall. Once again this is a used item that has minor damage but does not affect the static nature and functional nature of the lamp itself 6 1174 10.00   ended
22 s065.JPGMeasuring approximately 13 inches tall this decorative item is sure to be a great addition to any home 2 1063 17.00   ended
23 s069.JPGThis amazing round in table is approximately 28 1/2 inches wide at the time and supports a beautiful medallion design center of both the top and bottom Wall Biada may need some TLC around the edges the motor nature of the peace and the classic design sure to make someone happy buyer. 14 1063 80.00   ended
24 s073.JPGAt approximately 25 inches tall this small nightstand/end table decorated with gilded lines and painted floral designs it's a great accent piece 9 1063 45.00   ended
25 s075.JPGBeautiful in table lamp with decorative glass base standing approximately 24 inches tall 4 1203 10.01   ended
26 s077.JPGAmazing decorative pineapple on flared base standing approximately 12 inches tall 6 1002 15.00   ended
27 s080.JPGDo not miss this beautiful Cabinet. This is one of the most beautiful pieces in the auction. Featuring metal scrollwork among the front and side doors with the black onyx top across the span of the cabinet. The cabinet is approximately 51 inches wide and has two drawers on top of the storage underneath       ended
28 s085.JPGStanding approximately 16 inches tall this is a unique decorative item 10 1195 16.00   ended
29 s086.JPGStanding approximately 14 inches tall this decorative item in clued's glass see-through barrel with lid featuring decorative ball collection. 12 1195 42.00   ended
30 s087.JPGAmazing pair of candleholders with decorative basis. The largest measures approximately 25 inches tall to top of Campbell and the second 21 1/2 inches tall 13 1063 31.00   ended
31 s091.JPGMeasuring approximately 36 inches tall by 48 inches wide this still life framed artwork the pics containers and vases of various shapes sizes and influences. 6 1063 15.00   ended
32 s094.JPGDon't miss out on these beautiful arm chairs that are being sold in this estate liquidation. Each arm chair is being sold separately and you are bidding on the first of two being made available in this auction 14 1150 125.00   ended
33 s096.JPGYou're now bidding on the second of the two available or chairs being made available in this auction 11 1150 125.00   ended
34 s100.JPGMetal Scott's artwork above television approximately 30 inches wide 12 1063 26.00   ended
35 s101.JPGSet of decorative items adorning the top of cabinet. What includes bring decoration and brown toned charger. 4 1006 12.00   ended
36 s102.JPGSecond of a decorative metal containers being made available in this auction 5 1188 7.00   ended
37 s104.JPGDecorative metal spoon and fork approximately 28 inches long 3 1006 4.00   ended
38 s105.JPGDecorative fruit basket with metal screw work surrounding the edges 8 1180 22.00   ended
39 s106.JPGDecorative picture frame would make a nice addition for any family.  pictures have been removed 7 1070 14.00   ended
40 s107.JPGDecorative wall art above French doors 8 1006 22.00   ended
41 s108.JPGLarge carpeted Area rug in natural tones 17 1269 70.00   ended
42 s112.JPGSet of three canisters in decorative tray 7 1063 60.00   ended
43 s113.JPGDecorative grape canisters standing approximately 9 inches tall 5 1188 10.00   ended
44 s117.JPGBeautiful centerpiece decoration items on metal base with round globe center and decorative artistic balls . This item stands approximately 20 inches tall 12 1166 52.00   ended
45 s119.JPGMake sure you check this out, this grace digital Internet radio does some amazing things 12 1063 50.00   ended
46 s120.JPGSet of three decorative kitchen items including tile lamp and re-production sugar mold 5 1188 10.01   ended
47 s123.JPGDecorative tiered display perfect for displaying pies, cupcakes, cookies, or any other items you would like to share 10 1063 31.00   ended
48 s126.JPGSet of three decorative pillar candle sticks 11 1063 35.00   ended
49 s127.JPGBeautiful metal based greenery 6 1063 19.00   ended

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