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30 s6074.JPGBlue and Green Stars Patchwork Quilt:Measures 88" x 95". Has calico prints in shades of blue and green with blue border. Hand-stitched quilting. 8 1708 75.00   ended
61 s6003.JPGApricot and Teal Patchwork Quilt:Light apricot latticework and teal stars with a diamond border. Measures 81" x 81". Hand-stitched quilting. Well worn and some fading. 6 1053 20.00   ended
92 s6008.JPGBlue and White Star Quilt:Blue calico stars with blue latticework and dark blue border. Measures 86" x 100". Hand-stitched quilting. Some loose seams need mending. 13 1769 23.00   ended
113 s6012.JPGRed White & Blue Texas Quilt:Patriotic Texas-themed quilt has appliqued stars and patchwork USA flag and Texas flag along with Texas in the center. Blue striped backing and hand-stitched quilting. 9 1708 31.00   ended
124 s6015.JPGLilac Calico Stars with Sawtooth Border:Lilac floral and green patchwork quilt with hand-stitched quilting. Measures 79" x 82". 15 2478 33.53   ended
155 s6018.JPGMulti-colored Striped Blocks Patchwork Quilt:Measures 86" x 85". Has blue, green, and red shades of striped fabric block. Backing is tan stripe. 12 1731 23.00   ended
181 s6021.JPGGreen and White Double Wedding Ring Quilt:Double wedding ring quilt has green calico rings and green and red floral backing and border. Hand-stitched quilting. Measures 82" x 86". 12 2261 65.00   ended
206 s6025.JPGRosy Red and Apricot Diamonds Patchwork Quilt:Shades of rosy red and apricot with a few splashes of green make up this patchwork quilt. Measures 88" x 99" with hand-stitched quilting. Some loose seams need mending. 3 1635 17.00   ended
232 s6029.JPGBrightly Colored Pinwheel Quilt:Bright colors of blue, green, red, yellow, and purple make up this pretty pinwheel quilt. Measures 69" x 86" and has purple striped backing. Has some tears and holes to repair. 4 2507 17.00   ended
258 s6035.JPGBlue and Green Paisley Quilt:Pretty paisley quilt has muslin backing and border and measures 90" x 98". Has hand-stitched quilting. 17 2478 60.00   ended
284 s6039.JPGYellow and Blue Pastel Blocks Quilt:Blocks of yellow and blue with some red stripes and green checks - blue floral backing. Measures 68" x 86" and has hand-stitched quilting. 17 1529 20.01   ended
310 s6043.JPGDouble Wedding Ring Quilt in Jewel Tones:Navy, maroon, and dark green colors in this double wedding ring quilt. Measures 85" x 88" with hand-stitched quilting. 9 2294 72.00   ended
361 s6046.JPGMaroon and Dark Green Patchwork Quilt:Pretty patchwork design in this maroon and dark green quilt. Measures 90" x 82" with hand-stitched quilting. 7 1731 32.50   ended
387 s6050.JPGColorful Block Quilt w/ Leaf, Geometric Designs:Multi-colored blocks have geometric and leaf designs hand-stitched in the middle. Light blue and green border. Measures 64" x 82". 13 1731 18.00   ended
413 s6054.JPGBlue, Pink, Green Patchwork Diamonds Quilt:Awesome patchwork design in colors of blue, pink, and green. Measures 96" x 88" and has hand-stitched quilting. 5 1731 27.50   ended
439 s6058.JPGJuvenile Quilt w/ Applique' Helicopters:Applique' helicopters on a blue background w/ red border and blue striped backing. Measures 66" x 80" with hand-stitched quilting. 7 2488 20.00   ended
465 s6062.JPGMulti-colored Calico Blocks Patchwork Quilt:Shades of red, blue, and green with some other colors make up these calico blocks. Measures 91" x 88" and has hand-stitched quilting. 16 1120 75.00   ended
491 s6066.JPGMaroon Log Cabin Quilt:Maroon with navy and beige log cabin quilt measures 99" x 88". Has hand-stitched quilting. 9 1120 85.75   ended
497 s6070.JPGBlue Patchwork Quilt w/ Olive Green Border:Blue and pink with splashes of rusty red and an olive green border. Measures 80" x 85" with hand-stitched quilting. 18 2467 36.00   ended

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