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76 s1221.JPGMisc Lot: Cloth handmade checkerboard set, vintage playing card set, and vintage black dog collar. 2 1424 1.50   ended
77 s1222.JPGStarting Lineup Basketball Figurines, new in sealed packages, 1995 edition. Slight wear to some of the backcards. Players include Michael Jordan in Chicago Bulls Track Suit, Clarence Weatherspoon in Sixers uniform, Karl Malone in Utah Jazz uniform. 8 1792 14.00   ended
78 s1224.JPGStarting Lineup Football Figurines, 1995 Edition, unopened. Minimal wear to the backcards.Ben Coates in New England Patriots uniform and Greg Lloyd in Pittsburg Steelers uniform. 3 1792 6.00   ended
79 s1226.JPGLot of vintage collectible action figures- Unopened in original packages! Includes: Batman Forever -Fireguard Batman, Fantastic Four - The Thing II, Commando Spawn ,She-spawn. 5 1792 9.00   ended
84 s1234.JPGRare antique Codemaster Telegraph Signal Set, some wear to box and small chip on board. You donít see these everyday, very neat piece of history! 7 2523 6.00   ended
87 s1243.JPGAssorted lot of vintage comic books includes Marvel and DC Comic issues. 3 1865 2.00   ended
614 s3272.JPGExecutive decision maker by Tandy.More of a desk toy than a game, this decision maker gives you an answer simply by pressing the "ask" button. A red light will illuminate next to the decision. Great vintage novelty item! 6 1518 4.50   ended
620 s3285.JPGLot of assorted games. Poker chip holder, square poker chips, 2 decks of cards, Rum Royal gameboard, Scrabble. 4 2544 6.00   ended
628 s3309.JPGAntique metal Buckley Cent-a-pack coin operated trade simulator. Made in 1930's. The way it was played was you would insert your coins, spin to win, and if you matched 3 of a kind, you would tell the barkeeper and he would bring you the pack of smokes or the value of the pack. They were built with an anti-cheat device that would trip the reel when the machine was moved or lifted. It is a very rare and unique conversation piece! 15 2476 80.00   ended
632 s3332.JPGLot of 2 vintage games. Pente, a game of skill. Windproof magnetic playing card set for outdoors at the beach, etc. 4 2417 3.50   ended
633 s3334.JPGThe Game of Lufkin, vintage board game. Monopoly style board, using local business names for properties. Unique piece of Lufkin history! 20 1395 46.00   ended
635 s3340.JPGElectronic Bridge Challenger Game 9 1299 9.00   ended
637 s3344.JPGWaffle House laminated menu, 1994. Check out the price of that T-bone and eggs! 7 1666 6.00   ended
641 s3356.JPGPorcelain handpainted lady figurine measuring 5-1/2 in. tall wearing a pink floral dress. 2 2163 1.50   ended
642 s3360.JPGPorcelain handpainted little girl figurine measuring 4 in. tall wearing a pink floral dress. 2 2163 1.50   ended
667 s3439.JPGSet of 7 different vintage puzzles with England theme. 3 2523 2.50   ended
674 s3453.JPGAntique Jimmy Jet,TV JET DELUXE vintage video game from 1960's, good condition with exception to faded coloring and graphics on the reel. 8 2436 40.50   ended
675 s3461.JPGSuper score bowling game, still in original package. Comes with cute stone bowler figurine. 1 2018 1.00   ended
683 s3475.JPGAntique Viewmaster with slide reels. 6 2439 27.58   ended

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