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392 s5640.JPGSet of 2 :Antique mirror and brush adorned with amber colored jewel in centers. Stunning! Mirror measures 14" long. , Brush measures 11"in. long. 11 2606 24.00   ended
466 s5547.JPGWhite diamonds perfume gift set still in box. Would make a great present for someone! 7 2583 10.00   ended
472 s5554.JPGLot of 4 Misc. Items- Beauty bag set, Jar candle, Tulip candle holder, and block letter initial "F"       ended
503 s5667.JPG3 bottles of mouth rinse sealed . 2 2494 1.50   ended
519 s5739.JPGBlack and Red Stripe Caboodles makeup train case. Unfolds to multiple compartments, very nice! 11"in. long x 9"in. tall. 8 1967 10.00   ended
697 s6186.JPGLot of 3 items- Massage unit, and two chair cushions 3 1840 2.00   ended
793 s6356.JPGVintage hair dryer in box, comes with seashell décor 1 1299 1.00   ended

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