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212 s3400.JPGBelmont Copper Fire Extinguiser Belmont Copper Fire Extinguiser.Measures 23-1/2"in. tall. 9 1577 37.50   ended
213 s3404.JPGDUBL HANDI Antique Washboard DUBL HANDI Washboard. Columbus Washboard Company. Excellent Graphics!Measures 18-1/2"in. tall x 8-1/2"in. wide. 8 1371 4.50   ended
214 s3409.JPGBlack Antique Washboard. Black Antique Washboard. Measures 9"in. wide x 18"in. tall. Crack on backside is covered with tape, could possibly be repaired. 2 1617 1.50   ended
215 s3413.JPGAntique Laundry Washboard Antique Laundry Washboard. Measures 24"in. tall. 4 1371 2.50   ended
216 s3418.JPG Antique Washboard with faded graphic. Antique Laundry Washboard. Faded Graphics on front side, "Silver". Measures 3 1371 2.00   ended
217 s3424.JPGMaid Rite Handmade Washboard Maid Rite Handmade Antique Washboard 6 1792 4.00   ended
233 s3517.JPGGerman Cuckoo Clock Antique German Cuckoo Clock "O Mein Papa" with Wildlife theme. Needs repair, but would be a beautiful heirloom piece for your family. Measures 16"in. tall. 18 2606 42.50   ended
238 s3544.JPGAntique Porcelain Doll with painted facial features Antique Porcelain Face Doll with brown floral print dress. Painted Facial Features, very unique. Measures 18"in. tall. 1 2009 1.00   ended
240 s3556.JPGIndian Artifacts- Vase, Grinding Stone. Own a piece of history! Dug Indian Artifacts from East Texas, during 1950's during road work. Grinding Stone, and seashell encrusted small vase. Vase measures 6-1/2"in. tall. Grinding Stone measures about 8-1/2"in. wide. 12 1876 22.00   ended
245 s3584.JPGAntique cast iron woodpecker toothpick dispenser Antique painted cast iron woodpecker toothpick dispenser. Measures 3-3/4"in. long. 7 1577 16.00   ended
250 s3712.JPGAntique Singer Sewing Machine Table Antique Singer Sewing Machine with Table (Made around 1910) Black with Gold Decorative Style. High Bobbin. Serial number is pictured. G675279. Untested. Table measures 47"in. length x 17"in. depth x 28-1/2"in. tall. 18 2003 110.00   ended
251 s3716.JPGAntique Sewing Box Cabinet Vintage Antique Wooden Sewing Box Cabinet with tray inserts. Perfect way to hold all of your sewing supplies. 28-1/2"in. tall x 12"in. depth x 17"in. width. 10 2627 42.00   ended
323 s5081.JPGAntique Cotton Scale Tool Antique Cotton Scale Tool 4 1664 22.00   ended
362 s5196.JPGAntique Land O' Pines Metal Milk Basket Antique Land O'Pines Metal Milk Basket. Measures 18" in. wide x 10-1/2"in. tall. 4 1362 7.00   ended
371 s5225.JPGAntique Enamel Wash Basin Bowl Antique Porcelain Enamel Wash Basin Bowl 5 2820 3.00   ended
435 s5395.JPGAntique Wagon Wheel Antique Wagon Wheel. Great decorative piece to use for a rustic or farmhouse feel. 6 1792 4.50   ended

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