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2 s1014.JPGBeautiful print of two blue color birds perched on a branch, framed in a nice black frame. Measures 41-3/4"in. tall x 19-3/4"in. wide. 18 2645 28.50   ended
9 s1122.JPGCream color statue of a playful little longhaired dog. Measures 13-1/2"in. tall.       ended
43 s1258.JPGSmall pierced luminary, glazed in beautiful colors of cream, blue, brown and red earth tones. Signed by artist on bottom side "Ellis" and measures 7"in. tall. 3 2690 2.50   ended
48 s1286.JPGSilk floral arrangement in peach color globe shape container. 1 2641 5.00   ended
49 s1287.JPGBeautiful silk magnolia arrangement set in earth toned ceramic vase made by Elegant Expressions by Hosley. Stands about 27"in. tall to top of arrangement. Perfect piece for a cozy farmhouse look. 1 2641 5.00   ended
76 s1390.JPGLot of 9 items including; 6 metal candle holders with hurricane glass shades, 2 skinny metal candle holders, and one tall skinny vase with ruffled rim and gold color etched floral design. 2 1812 2.00   ended
98 s1466.JPGDecorative gold tone metal butterfly for wall, wingspan of almost 21"in. wide. 1 1756 1.00   ended
103 s1490.JPGLot of 3 including; oriental style yellow and blue floral dish with leather cord handle, silver color metal trinket dish/ashtray with cobalt blue insert, and cream crackled look jar with lid.       ended
109 s1515.JPGMiscellaneous lot of 5 items including; two frosted glass "Love" and "Hope" candle holders, cute kitschy little mouse figurine, little girl in white dress holding a purple flower figurine, and sculpted 3-D realistic rose figure by Roman, Inc. Made in China. Measures about 3-1/2"in. wide.       ended
111 s1520.JPGLot of 4 miscellaneous items including; small framed picture of butterfly art on mini easel, lion clock figure, miniature tea service set (set is about 2"in. wide), and one Boyd's Collection figure "Butch w/Clayton…Eye'in it up" from the playful past times series. Limited edition and hand numbered on bottom. 1 1756 1.00   ended
112 s1523.JPGLot of 4 miscellaneous glass items including; green glass vase, light green sawtooth edge crystal candle holder with fleur de lis design, one red and clear cut glass cup with handle, and one green footed cup with handle. The candle holder has a crack on it, please view pictures to judge condition. 1 2504 1.00   ended
124 s1587.JPGVintage lot of 3 items including; two gold color metal Magnolia bookends that are marked 1965 Colonial, VA (measure 5-3/4"tall), and one gold color metal rooster doorstop measuring 5-3/4"in. tall. 4 2627 4.00   ended
129 s1607.JPGMiscellaneous lot of 5 wood decorative items; including tall wood candlestick, two wooden trinket boxes, and one wooden figurine of a man with cane and mug in hand. 1 1756 1.00   ended
130 s1608.JPGLot of 3 including two wood cheeseboards with fruit designs, and one squirrel figurine.       ended
136 s1634.JPGStained Glass with Floral bouquet design, framed, measures 16-1/2"in. tall x 13"in. wide. Made by Open Windows in Salida,California. 12 1991 20.00   ended
137 s1639.JPGBeautiful Stained Glass with milky white swirl colored outer panels, clear foliage motif panels, and hummingbird design in center. Very unique! Includes hanging chain. Measures 14"in.tall x 11"in. wide. 9 1991 26.00   ended
138 s1645.JPGGroup of 5 assorted trinket jars and containers/chest. Group includes one wood jewelry box with pierced flower stem design, wood jar with cream floral design, green oval shaped trinket box with raised rose applique, small wicker circle shaped container, and one rectangular shaped chest with poinsettia flower design and filled with the seashells seen in picture. 1 2663 2.00   ended
145 s1662.JPGJaw Harp… Youtube this and check it out! 2 2690 2.50   ended
149 s1669.JPGLot of 3 items including; Clear glass house shaped candle holder, All the trimmings holiday cheese plane, All the trimmings holiday cake server. Holly berry design on handles, new in original box. 1 2504 1.00   ended
151 s1675.JPGBeautiful lace table cloth with floral design 5 1931 4.00   ended
152 s1676.JPGLight tablecloth with nice star design 1 2523 1.00   ended
157 s1702.JPGGold color wall frame with photograph of a glamorous lady smiling back at you. Frame measures 22"in. tall x 19"in. wide. 1 1354 1.00   ended
158 s1706.JPGFramed print of redwoods titled "Muir Woods National Monument"       ended
159 s1710.JPGSet of 2 large framed prints of white birds sitting on pretty blooming floral branches. Frames measure 30-1/2"in. tall x 19"in. wide       ended
161 s1716.JPGLot of 3 metal decorative items; includes 2 matching gold color pillar candlesticks (7-1/2"in. tall) marked "Carnat" on underside. Large decorative serving tray measuring 12"in. length. 1 1812 1.00   ended
165 s1735.JPGSet of 9 clear glass dessert plates with gold color rim, and matching bowl.       ended
166 s1737.JPGLot of 2 candleholders and 1 cut glass bowl; includes one brass color holder, one clear glass with dot accented base, one cut glass bowl with 8 point star design.       ended
168 s1745.JPGMiscellaneous lot of 13 items, mostly home décor plus one Willie Nelson book. 1 1756 1.00   ended
211 s1912.JPGLot of 10 multicolor assorted glass vases and bottles in richly colored hues. Includes Teleflora Claude Monet Water Lily keepsake vase! Would be the perfect accents for a party. 5 2676 4.00   ended
219 s1930.JPGLemons on green leaf pedestal base sculpture, artist signature on bottom "Brenda Charles" circa 1980. 2 2669 1.00   ended
247 s2037.JPGLot of 3 different elephants figures includes; one wooden elephant, one glass elephant, and one carved rock elephant. 1 1883 10.00   ended
252  Removed duplicate       ended
299 s3163.JPGSet of three woven storage boxes, apx. 8 inches, 13 inches, and 14 inches in length 5 2523 6.00   ended
300 s3166.JPGGold color magazine rack, apx. 14 inches in length and 10 inches in height 1 1756 1.00   ended
302 s3173.JPGBrown wicker basket with lid, apx. 16 inches tall 5 2634 6.00   ended
303 s3176.JPGGlass lamp base, apx. 29 inches tall 1 2645 1.00   ended
310 s3195.JPGWooden stool, apx. 11 1/2 inches tall 3 1756 5.00   ended
311 s3197.JPG100% Cotton blanket "United We Stand", apx. 51 x 68 3 2676 2.50   ended
312 s3201.JPGSet of 4 pillows 2 2669 1.00   ended
313 s3202.JPGThrow, apx. 34 x 26 1 1756 1.00   ended
318 s3215.JPGFlower painting by Ann Price in silver frame, painted in 1989, apx. 24 1/2 by 19 inches 1 1915 1.00   ended
320 s3223.JPGPainting in silver frame, number 839 out of 1500, apx. 29 by 23 inches 1 1991 1.00   ended
330 s3258.JPGBeautiful etched glass home décor, apx. 12 inches tall       ended
331 s3260.JPGAssorted glass figurines, bird is hand painted by France Burton, all apx. 4 to 6 inches tall 9 2676 5.25   ended
333 s3266.JPGSet of 4 framed artwork, smaller apx. 3 inches to larger apx. 7 inches in length 1 1906 1.00   ended
334 s3268.JPGBeautiful glass owl windchime 3 2645 2.00   ended
335 s3269.JPGGlass and silver round mirrored tray, apx. 11 inches in diameter 2 1439 5.00   ended
336 s3273.JPGBeautiful wooden chest made by McGraw Box Co. apx. 10 x 6 inches 3 2671 5.00   ended
338 s3282.JPGThree hand held Clinging Crosses by Jane Davis 3 1168 2.00   ended
354 s3340.JPGGlass and copper color diffuser, apx. 4 inches tall 6 1484 6.00   ended

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