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Category: JEWLERY (5 records) Closed - STERLING ADDED ITEM 800 + Beginning TO CLOSE at 6PM: ---- SHIPPING AVAILABLE TO LUFKIN AND OTHER AREAS - SEE NOTES FOR DETAILS : FULL ESTATE SALE LIQUIDATION - Auction Opens from Wednesday 4/11 and closes Saturday 4/14 beginning at 6pm at rate of 4 items per minute Auction will begin to close at 6pm

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680 s4270.JPGBeautiful 3 1168 2.00   ended
693 s4294.JPGLot of four watches. One ladies watch with pink plastic wrist band clear face. Two men's watches with black wrist band and a Texas High Coaches Association Watch 1 2637 1.50   ended
694 s4295.JPGLot of miscellaneous jewlery - pair of earrings, necklace and other items 6 1478 4.00   ended
700 s4305.JPGLot of eleven items which includes three pair of earrings, seven different necklace charms and a beautiful necklace. All pieces are Sterling Silver and made by Katherine K 8 1478 8.00   ended
701 s4310.JPGNecklace with charm and four Mason Pins 4 1290 5.00   ended

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