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4 s1010.JPGPony Express Metal Chewing Tobacco Spitoon 9 2707 17.00   ended
15 s1052.JPGCarved Tiki Hawaiian God statues made by KC Company- Ailea-Hawaii. Total of 5 statues, measuring roughly 7"in. tall. 3 1325 2.00   ended
32 s1132.JPGEagle Bell Figurine. Features Eagle perched with American flag. Measures 10"in. tall. 1 2009 1.00   ended
33 s1136.JPGMajestic flying Eagle bird figurine. Measures 10"in. tall. 2 2322 3.00   ended
34 s1138.JPG"Here's to Old Friends" decorative figure. Also included is a vintage heart shaped jewelry box.       ended
35 s1141.JPGSilverplate Footed Musical Jewelry Box with velvet lined interior. Engraved on top "Lloyd and Janice" Box measures 3"in. tall when closed, 7"in. fully open. 1 1876 1.00   ended
49 s1166.JPGSet of 2 Antique Pierced Pink Floral Plates. 3 1855 5.00   ended
50 s1167.JPGLot of 3 decorative plates. "Shenandoah Caverns" 10"in.plate , "God Bless America" 1977 Calendar plate 9"in. ,and "Bless This House" 8"in. plate by Creative Circle (1986).       ended
51 s1175.JPGNorman Rockwell “The Music Maker” collectors edition plate. Fifth in the heritage series and created in 1981. Perfect for the musician in your life, artist or Norman Rockwell fan alike!       ended
52 s1177.JPGNorman Rockwell "Waiting on the Shore" collectors edition plate. Second in the Rockwell's Rediscovered Women Collection. Plate measures 9"in. diameter.       ended
53 s1180.JPGNorman Rockwell " Dreaming in the Attic" collectors edition plate. First issue in the Rockwell's Rediscovered Women Collection. Plate measures 9"in . Diameter.       ended
54 s1183.JPGNorman Rockwell "Daily Prayer" collectible plate. Plate measures 9"in. diameter.       ended
55 s1186.JPG"Little Miss Muffett" Collectible Plate. Third issue in the series by John McClelland. Circa 1981.       ended
56 s1188.JPG"Little Boy Blue" Collectible Plate. Second issue in the mother goose series by John McClelland. Circa 1980.       ended
57 s1190.JPG"Christ of the Ozarks" Eureka Springs, Arkansas Decorative Plate. Plus two ornaments.       ended
65 s1225.JPGThe Natelia Collection- Eagle in Flight Figurine. Measures 8"in. tall with 13"in. wide wingspan. 3 2556 2.00   ended
79 s1258.JPGLot of 6 Vintage Lavieille framed print illustrations. 1 1872 3.00   ended
89 s1279.JPGVery nice CROSS Writing Instruments Vintage Pen Display Case. 2 1299 1.50   ended
152 s1658.JPGVintage pink depression glass with scalloped edge and flower design. 9"in. diameter. 9 1792 13.27   ended
165 s1698.JPGAntique green color bottles, Easthill and Oakhill Brewery. Lot of 2. 1 2258 1.00   ended
166 s1708.JPGAntique green glass color blob top bottle. Van and Sons. Lot also includes purple amethyst color glass candle holder (6-1/2"in.tall) 1 2504 1.00   ended
167 s1718.JPGLot of 2 Green Glass Antique Bottles. "Magnum" is embossed on one of the bottles. 4 2735 3.75   ended
168 s1721.JPGBovril Limited brown glass vintage bottles lot of 5. 8 1498 7.00   ended
169 s1727.JPGVintage Copper Foot Warmer made by Wafax. Measures 8"in. diameter. 5 1299 5.01   ended
170 s1730.JPGLot of 3 Porcelain Vintage Crocks. Frank Cooper's Oxford Marmalade and James Dundee's Marmalade. 10 1299 12.00   ended
171 s1733.JPGMallard duck planter, Marmalade Crock, and Pen holder. 6 1299 4.50   ended
172 s1736.JPGAntique R.White Blob Top Bottles- Made in London. Bottles measure 7"in. tall. 3 1498 2.00   ended
173 s1739.JPGAntique Medicine Bottles. Hood's Sarsparilla and Stella-Vita. 1 2504 1.00   ended
174 s1745.JPGTwo Antique blue blob top bottles. Larger bottle has a opalescent tint to the blue. Very Nice! Tallest bottle measures 9"in. tall. 1 2504 1.00   ended
175 s1748.JPGEarly 1900's VIROL Jars. Lot of 2. Jars measure 3-1/2"in. tall. 1 1299 1.00   ended
176 s1750.JPGLight blue antique Liptons bottle, also included is a blue antique Juniors blob top bottle with curved neck. Juniors bottle measures 9"in .tall. 1 2258 1.00   ended
177 s1757.JPGGroves Tasteless Tonic and Lawrence Vetrinary Swindoll Antique Blue Medicine Bottles. Tonic bottle measures 6"in. tall, Swindoll bottle measures 6"in. tall also. 2 1279 2.50   ended
178 s1759.JPGAntique G.Banks Medicine Bottle, light green tinted glass. Measure 7"in. tall. 2 1279 1.50   ended
179 s1765.JPGLot of 3 antique clear glass bottles including Essolube, small medicine bottle, and Sloan's Ointment. 2 1279 1.50   ended
180 s1769.JPGLot of 8 small antique clear cut glass perfume and medicine bottles. 1 2009 1.00   ended
181 s1771.JPGAntique Wood Folding Ruler 3 1371 3.05   ended
182 s1772.JPGAntique Marples and Sons Wood Level , 12"in. 3 1371 3.05   ended
183 s1778.JPGAntique 8.5"in. brass level 8 1876 6.00   ended
184 s1783.JPGAntique Wood and Brass Warranted Level measuring 9"in. 5 1299 3.50   ended
185 s1789.JPGAntique Wood and Brass Level from 1800's. Measures 8"in. long. 6 1299 4.01   ended
186 s1800.JPGSmall brown and white glazed ceramic bottle. Measures 8"in. tall. 6 1863 4.50   ended
187 s1794.JPGGreat lot of antique bottles! Lavender smelling bottle, and tall green Evans and Sons blob top bottle. Evans bottle measures 10"in. tall. 2 2504 2.00   ended
188 s1800.JPG1800's Wooden Sieve (7-1/2"in. diameter) and smaller handle Sieve (3-1/2"in. diameter) 4 2504 3.00   ended
189 s1805.JPGAntique Salter's No.60 Improved Circular Spring Balance scale. The Scale features a solid brass face with circular dial. 30lb weight capacity. Good condition with some patina from age. 4.25"in. x 16.5"in. long. 10 1781 15.00   ended
190 s1811.JPGAntique Hanson Texas Cotton Scale Model 8916. Scale has 160lb capacity. Rustic and perfect for a farmhouse décor piece! 23"in. long. 6 1781 9.00   ended
191 s1815.JPGVintage wood handle long fixed blade knife, along with wooden seal tool. 2 1863 1.50   ended
193 s1823.JPGStuart Little Figurines- Tick Tock Stuart and Trophy Stuart Music Box 1 1385 1.00   ended
198 s1834.JPGLot of Madame Alexander Figurines. Includes Dorothy with Toto and Pipi Longstockings. Lot also includes Stuart Little sitting on globe figurine. 2 2678 1.50   ended
199 s1839.JPGLot of 3 Eagle Figurines. One eagle is flying with a USA flag. Cute set for any patriotic/americana décor. 2 1863 1.50   ended
200 s1842.JPGCRISTAL D 'ARQUES CRYSTAL EAGLE FRANCE Frosted and Clear Glass Eagle in Flight Figure. 8"in. tall. 2 1863 1.50   ended

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