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17 s1059.JPGHuge lot of assorted costume jewelry necklaces in box. Unsorted, around 125 pieces. Great for wearing or for crafts. 10 2735 20.00   ended
21 s1086.JPGLot of 35 assorted necklaces. Unsorted, shades of greens and blues. Please view photos. 2 1785 1.50   ended
23 s1094.JPG27 pieces of jewelry, mostly costume jewelry bracelets. Possibly some bakelite pieces, unsorted lot! 5 2678 3.00   ended
26 s1106.JPG6 drawer plastic organizer cart FULL of jewelry making, scrapbook, and office supplies. View photos for more details. Cart measures 26"in. tall. 11 1773 14.00   ended
116 s1362.JPGLarge box of unsorted costume jewelry, 45 pieces! As seen in photos. 4 1785 12.00   ended
117 s1376.JPGLarge lot of 28 assorted pieces of costume jewelry, in pinks/black/whites. As seen in photos. 3 1785 2.50   ended
119 s1381.JPGSmall wooden display cases, with padlock closures for safety. Total of 4 cases. 8 2707 14.00   ended
137 s1426.JPGGold tone pair of earrings. Also included is one small vintage container of Tiger Lip Balm.       ended


s2623.JPGMens 14k Art Deco Ring, Vintage. Inscribed NW on inside of band, believed to possibly be a Nils Westerback designed ring with euro cut diamonds. Nils Westerback is a Finnish jewelry designer. Please view photos and judge for yourself, we are not certified jewelry appraisers. Beautiful ring, lots of shine to it. 14 2856 301.00   ended
397 s2256.JPGCrown Court jewelry box with music. Woodbwith glass front jewelry door and felt lining. 2 1756 1.50   ended
477 s2475.JPGSeiko Vintage Stainless/Gold Color Watch 5 1756 7.00   ended
478 s2480.JPGSeiko Vintage Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch Face. Missing strap. 1 1787 1.00   ended
479 s2485.JPGSterling Silver Shirt 3”in. Lapel-3 Circle Shapes. Made in Mexico. 8g. 2 1773 2.50   ended
480 s2489.JPG925 Sterling Silver Cross Link Bracelet. 7-1/4”in. Weighs 40g. 6 1773 13.00   ended
481 s2497.JPGSterling silver .925 cross earrings 2 1325 1.50   ended
482 s2502.JPGCircle Shaped Ladies Earrings .925 Sterling Silver with inlaid bits of stone. 2 1773 3.00   ended
483 s2507.JPGArt Deco Style hammered Earrings.       ended
484 s2511.JPG Ring stamped “PALL-PLAT” on inside. Vintage. 7 1773 16.00   ended
520 s7000.JPGBeautiful Braided Rope Bangle stamped 92.5 Mexico Sterling Silver 9 1773 12.00   ended
521 s5050.JPG24 K Gold over Silver Cable Necklace apx 16 in long marked 925 ITALY weighing apx 10.8 Grams 3 2504 6.00   ended
523 s5079.JPGInscribed Wedding Ring inscribed April 26, 1905. Marked 18K Apx 9grams, 11/4 mm. 19 2858 105.00   ended
524 s5090.JPGBelieved to be brilliant cut diamond in tie clip. We see what appears to be carbon leading us to believe this is a real mine cut vintage diamond. Tons of multi-faceted cuts. 17 2856 135.00   ended
525 s2758.JPGGold toned butterfly earrings- stamped Mexico on backside. Vintage. 2 1773 1.50   ended
526 s2750.JPGRetro Vintage Square Gold Filled Earrings. Stamped 1/20-12K on backside. 1 1773 1.00   ended
527 s2742.JPGGold toned metal ladies shirt pendant. Stamped Saracov on backside.       ended
528 s2648.JPGGold toned metal ribbon brooch- stamped "Haberman" on backside. Measures 1"in. across. 1 1773 1.00   ended
529 s5063.JPGVintage Peter Brams Designs 14K & Sterling earrings with moon & cherub angel design. Stamped on backside of angel .925 as seen in photos. These are believed to be Peter Brams, per our research. Please look at photographs before bidding. 8 2857 26.00   ended
530 s2540.JPGGold toned oval layered hoop earrings (3 nested hoops)       ended
531 s2539.JPGSilver and Gold Toned Hoop Earrings.       ended
532 s2686.JPG Half Moon Earrings with inlaid stone that appears to be Azurite. Stamped Sterling on inside of Earrings. Please look at photographs. 3 1773 3.00   ended
533 s2644.JPGGold and Silver color Celestial Sun Brooch, Vintage. 2 2857 2.00   ended
534 s5139.JPG*WOW* Vintage Transitional Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with 90% Platinum Band. Stamped on inside. Absolutely gorgeous. *NOTE* We are not certified jewelry appraisers, please view photos and judge for yourself. All bids final. 24 1863 425.00   ended
535 s5224.JPGVintage Sterling Silver Heart filigree earrings. Marked 14k on back of earrings. 6 2850 7.00   ended
536 s5231.JPGLot of assorted vintage jewelry pieces including heart shaped 925 LEX stamped pierced earrings, s.s. odd single clip on Indian style earring, and 1 sterling silver floral screw post clip on earring, stamped on backside. The two single clip on earrings that do not have a mate, weigh respectively 5.4 grams. 1 1773 1.00   ended
537 s5241.JPGLot of 4 sterling silver bracelets. Includes 1.5 gr. 8" bracelet marked 925 Italy., 5.3 gr. bracelet marked Italy, 9-1/2"in. bracelet marked HAN Italy .925, and one Sterling Chain Link bracelet marked 925 on clasp. Please view all photos. 4 2850 8.00   ended


s5285.JPGStunning Ladies ELGIN PLATINUM, DIAMOND, GF vintage watch. 1/20 10kGF stamped on backside. 90% platinum, 10% iridian. PLEASE VIEW PHOTOS FOR ACCURATE ASSESSMENT. 16 2857 335.00   ended
539 s5319.JPGAmazing assortment of costume jewelry in cardboard box, including wooden beads, metals, mushroom shaped earring holder, total of 55 pieces. There are some vintage pieces mixed in as well. You are bidding on the entire lot, per piece on bid amount. You will receive the entire 55 piece lot of jewelry if you are the winner. 1 1773 0.25
x 55 = 13.75
540 s5330.JPGLarge cardboard lot of assorted jewelry, both vintage and new.Gold and silver toned metals, etc. Costume jewelry, total of 30 pieces. You are bidding on per piece in the auction, winning bid will receive entire box. 1 1512 0.25
x 30 = 7.50
541 s5346.JPGLot of 4 blue color Indian beaded and synthetic turquoise jewelry. Includes beaded earrings, necklace, 2 bracelets. 1 1785 1.00   ended
542 s5351.JPGBeautiful lot of gold toned metal jewelry. Includes vintage Peru coin pendant earrings, infinity link gold color necklace and 3 tier bib necklace.       ended
543 s5357.JPGCostume Jewelry lot- includes MONET, Sarah Cov, King's Key Finder, etc. all in beautiful gold toned hues. Very high end and nice. Total of 6 pieces. 1 1773 1.00   ended
544 s5364.JPGAssorted lot of costume jewelry including a very nice SARAH COV brooch. 2 1512 1.50   ended
545 s5372.JPGNative American Horseheath Seed beaded Earrings 4"in. length. Also included is a silver tone faux jade bead bracelet. 1 1792 1.00   ended
546 s5427.JPGSterling Silver .925 stamped necklace. Measures 8.5 in. long. 4 2675 6.00   ended
547 s5432.JPGLot of assorted jewelry in green colors- costume including loose beds for jewelry making and gold plated chainlink. View photographs. 1 1785 1.00   ended
548 s5438.JPGLot of Vintage Jewelry including 2 costume jewelry cocktail rings, 1 red/black Navajo style metal necklace, and 1 MONET silver color necklace. 2 2258 1.50   ended


s5454.JPG40 piece assorted costume jewelry lot- unsorted. You are bidding per piece , winner receives entire 40 pc box. 2 1855 0.50
x 40 = 20.00
554 s5459.JPGDO NOT MISS! men’s vintage Longines quartz Swiss made wristwatch in gold plate and black enameling. Stamped Swiss, 0961 11 2675 12.00   ended
555 s5463.JPGAssorted lot of 7 watches. Some vintage. Includes Cardin, Guess, Seiko. 6 2850 4.00   ended
557 s5407.JPGLot of assorted necklaces, and 1 Metzke Pewter. Necklaces are silver tone, not stamped. 2 1756 1.50   ended

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