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213 s1780.jpgThis signed and numbered artwork is a must-have! It features a floral still-life of beautiful red roses in a clear vase. The red matte and gold-toned frame perfectly accent the roses. Measures 23.5" x 27.5" and includes a certificate of authenticity. 6 1325 8.00   ended
214 s1784.jpgThe photo doesn't do this picture justice. This print features exotic birds and animals in an outdoor scene with a rich hunter green matte in a gilded frame. Measures approx. 20" x 24" 2 1373 3.00   ended
229 s2088.jpgThis is a signed and numbered original piece by artist Mary Bertrand. It depicts a floral still-life of yellow flowers and greenery. Framed art measures 18" x 22". 1 1391 2.00   ended
230 s2095.jpgDepiction of a floral still-life with an Oriental tapestry in the background. Dimensions are 31"x41". This piece is double matted in a gold toned frame.       ended
231 s2102.jpgThis framed print is a depiction of the famed Impressionist painting "Dinner at the Ritz" by Pierre-Georges Jeanniot. This print is double matted in a gold frame. Measures approx. 32" x 42".       ended
232 s2108.jpgFramed art depicting a harbor. This piece has a dramatic wide matte. Framed art measures approx. 35"x41". Frame has slight damage in the top left corner. 1 1397 1.00   ended
233 s2115.jpgThis beautiful piece appears to be a framed Audubon engraving of Carolina Turtle Doves. Framed art measures approx. 22.5" x 26.5 3 1380 12.00   ended
234 s2126.jpgThis framed piece entitled "Beech Creek" depicts a peaceful creek in bright green tones. Dimensions are 23"x27". The artist of this piece is Ernest Langford. 1 1325 1.00   ended
235 s2132.jpgFramed art is a print of Monet's "The Studio Boat" depicting a houseboat floating on a river. Framed art measures 19"x23". 8 1361 12.00   ended
236 s2139.jpgThis framed print is a depiction of a meeting between General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson before the battle of Chancellorsville during the Civil War. Dimensions are approx. 33"x40". 12 1363 30.05   ended
237 s2153.jpgThis lot includes a set of two framed sketches, signed by the artist. Dimensions are 11"x13" 3 1334 14.00   ended
244 s2203.jpgThis beautiful framed art matches another lot in this auction. It is a colorful floral still life in a bold gold and black frame. 17 1344 95.00   ended
245 s2204.jpgThis framed art depicts fruit on a cream background. It is accented by a white matte and a gold frame. Dimensions are approx. 19"x23"       ended
246 s2208.jpgThis amazing water color is entitled "The Luxuriance of Pine" by Chinese artist Tseng-Ying Pang. The dimensions of the artwork are approx. 34.5"x34". 8 1391 21.00   ended
247 s2213.jpgThis vibrant watercolor in a light wood frame would be perfect in a breakfast area or any other room that needs a splash of color. This piece is signed by the artist. Frame measures 23.5"x30". 1 1279 1.00   ended
248 s2221.jpgThis lot includes 2 small framed prints, one featuring several docked sailboats, the other a street view of several buildings. Each measures approx. 10"x12". 3 1391 6.00   ended
281 s2511.jpgVintage-look floral print in a black and gold oval frame. Measures 27"x33" 4 1344 10.00   ended
282 s2518.jpgFramed original watercolor of a boat on shore, signed by artist Charles Colombo. Painting is in neutral browns and is encased in a gold-toned frame. Dimensions are approx. 23"x28". 5 1334 10.00   ended
283 s2525.jpgSimple watercolor of a home in the countryside painted in gray and black strokes. Artwork is painted and signed by M. Lenau. Dimensions are 25"x31". 1 1334 5.00   ended
284 s2532.jpgFramed photograph of a white lotus flower with dark turquoise frame. Measures approx. 21.5"x25" 1 1306 1.00   ended
285 s2537.jpgOne of two, you'll love this beautiful watercolor of sailboats in a harbor, signed by the artist. Measures approx. 25"x31". 1 1397 1.00   ended
286 s2540.jpgThe second in a set, this is another watercolor of sailboats in a harbor, signed by the artist. Measures approx. 25"x31". 1 1397 1.00   ended
287 s2543.jpgFramed print of the famous Van Gogh painting 'The Café Terrace". Dimensions are approx. 18"x22" 1 1122 1.00   ended
288 s2548.jpgFramed print of the famous Monet painting "Le Jardin a Vetheuil". Dimensions are approx. 18"x22". 1 1122 1.00   ended
289 s2551.jpgFramed print of a fan adorned with red flowers. Matte is khaki with a dark cherry frame. Artwork is 24" square.       ended
290 s2556.jpgElegant print of a Dalhart Windberg painting depicting a wine glass and pearls in front of a red satin backdrop. It has an oval matte and a bright gold frame. This piece is signed and numbered by the artist himself and includes a certificate of authenticity. 1 1168 1.00   ended
319 s2725.jpgAmazing painted silk painting of a landscape covering 4 separate panels. Entire piece measures approx. 71"x36" 11 1354 65.00   ended
372 s2948.jpgFramed print of a city scene in a dark finished frame; dimensions are approx. 23" by 17" 3 1334 6.00   ended
431 s3186.jpgLarge framed print of a floral still life 5 1373 9.00   ended
445 s3227.jpgLarge framed signed painting of cactus plants with yellow and red flowers; measures approx. 50" x 30" 28 1373 315.00   ended
451 s3244.jpgFramed print of a palm tree; measures 18" x 23" 2 1341 4.00   ended
506 s3375.jpgFramed collage with a photo of a golfer and a plaque stating "Curtis Swain Golf Tournament Winner 1992" 2 1385 2.00   ended
533 s3412.jpgSet of two framed prints from the Steinlen Vintage Collection depicting famous French posters 1 1122 1.00   ended
554  Wallart 1 1313 1.00   ended

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