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337 s2821.jpgPartial set of "Library of Southern Literature" collection; published in the early 1900's 2 1358 5.00   ended
338 s2822.jpg6 volumes of "The London Shakespeare" collection 5 1350 15.03   ended
340 s2826.jpg10 volumes of the "Foundation Stones of Success" collection 2 1350 3.00   ended
341 s2829.jpg15 volumes of the "Dickens Works" collection 3 1350 12.00   ended
343 s2831.jpgLot of 3 books, including Doctor Zhivago, Eleven Plays of Henrik Ibsen and 100 Years, 100 Stories by George Burns 3 1168 4.00   ended
345 s2836.jpgLot of 3 books, including Land of the Little Angel; A History of Angelina County, Texas, Treasuries of Britain and The Secret of the Pilgrim by John le Carre' 6 1389 9.51   ended
353 s2862.jpgLot of 5 vintage books from the "Dickens' Works" collection (more of the set is included in a lot earlier in this auction). 4 1298 10.99   ended
354 s2863.jpgLot of 10 vintage books including Twelfth Night, Night-Runners of Bengal and 8 more volumes of stories from Dickens' Works. 5 1360 12.03   ended
422 s3146.jpgLot of 2 cookbooks including The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook and Reader's Digest Great Recipes for Good Health 1 1344 1.00   ended
520 s3396.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including Major Writers of America, Rome and the Romans and Something of Value 3 1358 4.30   ended
521 s3397.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including From Pinafores to Politics, The Supersalesman and Emerson's Essays       ended
522 s3398.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including A Preface to Morals, Donít Go Near the Water and The Working Principles of Rhetoric       ended
523 s3399.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including From Here to Eternity, Captains Courageous and The Mind of Jesus 2 1358 3.00   ended
524 s3400.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill, Gentle Julia and A Friend of Caesar 1 1358 1.50   ended
525 s3401.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including JFK: The Man and the Myth, A Man Called Peter and Invisible Man 1 1358 1.50   ended
526 s3402.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including 6 books from the "Library of Southern Literature" 2 1350 3.00   ended
527 s3403.jpgLot of 9 books from the World Book Encyclopedia collection 1 1346 2.00   ended
528 s3404.jpgLot of 6 books from the New Standard Encyclopedia collection       ended
529 s3406.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including The Best of Robert Benchley, All the President's Men and Lord Peter       ended
530 s3407.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including Game Fish, Pageant of Life and Triumph and Tragedy       ended
531 s3408.jpgLot of miscellaneous books including Soldier of Fortune, The Blue Flower and The Life of Greece 4 1373 9.00   ended

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