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6 s1016.jpgExquisite porcelain decorative items including a Lenox swan and vase and a Belleek pot. 2 1381 4.00   ended
12 s1042.jpgOriental ceramic bowl is a beautiful accent piece for any home 3 1361 6.00   ended
13 s1048.jpgThis small decorative tea set has a delicate purple petunia motif. 10 1373 23.00   ended
14 s1050.jpgThis lot of 3 porcelain items includes a Frankfurt ashtray, small ornate rose and a delicate figurine of a man and woman 1 1325 1.00   ended
17 s1061.jpgRoyal Bavaria decorative wine pitcher with 4 goblets. Features delicate hand painted grape and leaf accents 6 1334 21.99   ended
18 s1068.jpgDomed display platform for showcasing your valuable collectibles 6 1338 12.00   ended
23 s1083.jpgVery ornate oriental platter with navy and mauve accents. Measures approx. 12" in diameter 2 1396 5.00   ended
24 s1086.jpgBeautiful ceramic vase and planter/dish with a cream finish and navy accents. 4 1361 8.00   ended
26 s1093.jpgSilk plant in a decorative gold-toned container. Stands approx. 11" high. Container alone is 11" wide. 2 1396 3.00   ended
27 s1099.jpgAntique T & V Limoges hand painted grape platter, signed by the artist. Approx. value is over $150 7 1363 11.00   ended
28 s1103.jpgAntique T & V Limoges hand painted grape bowl on a pedestal, signed by the artist. Approx. value is over $300. 17 1363 130.00   ended
33 s1130.jpgVintage velour and patchwork pillows in dark green with maroon and cream and fringe 2 1325 4.00   ended
34 s1133.jpgCream ceramic candlesticks with blue Oriental motif 2 1361 3.00   ended
122 s1428.jpgLot of 4 decorative Oriental items including a large vase, platter, small vase and bowl. The large vase stands approx. 10" tall, bowl is approx 5" tall and platter is approx. 10" in diameter. These items are for decorative purposes only. 2 1343 7.00   ended
134 s1478.jpgCream oriental decorative platter and vase with turquoise and mauve accents. Platter is approx. 8" in diameter and vase is approx. 10" tall. These items are for decorative purposes only. 1 1168 1.00   ended
135 s1494.jpgAnother beautiful set of oriental decorative items including a bowl and a square platter. Both have maroon and blue accents and a floral motif. 1 1168 1.00   ended
136 s1503.jpgBright red/orange Oriental bowl entitled "Chinese Acrobats" on a dragon pedestal. 4 1334 9.00   ended
137 s1505.jpgBold platter with cobalt blue and gold accents in a regal design. Platter measures approx. 10". Platter is for decorative use only. 1 1361 2.00   ended
166 s1630.jpgAnother beautiful oriental decorative item. This bowl has a unique angular rim and is adorned with maroon and blue accents and a floral motif. Matching pieces are featured earlier in this auction. 3 1280 4.00   ended
170 s1641.jpgThis elegant fruit and ivy arrangement would make a beautiful centerpiece. It stands approx. 14" tall and is approx. 18" wide. 11 1344 22.00   ended
202 s1719.jpgMore beautiful Oriental decorative items including two small bowls, one with a pedestal, and an ornate square dish with a detailed floral scene. All have vibrant blue and red details. 3 1361 6.00   ended
203 s1730.jpgThis is definitely a conversation piece! This Oriental themed vase depicts warriors engaged in battle. It comes with this beautiful wooden display stand. 8 1354 30.00   ended
204 s1734.jpgThis lot of Oriental home decorative items include a gorgeous, very detailed bowl, a small urn and a square dish (dish has been broken and repaired). 4 1361 7.00   ended
205 s1744.jpgOriental themed ceramic items including a red bowl with cranes and a colorful platter 4 1361 8.00   ended
206 s1748.jpgLot of 4 Oriental themed items including bowls, two with pedestals, and a brass trinket box with a scene etched in the top 6 1343 25.00   ended
210 s1771.jpgLarge 42" x 30" decorative mirror with gold-toned frame 22 1306 85.00   ended
240 s2166.jpgThis is another striking Oriental themed vase in cream with a cobalt blue dragon theme. It stands 15" tall. 3 1418 4.00   ended
241 s2174.jpgThis bowl is a great compliment to the previous piece. It is a small bowl in cream featuring a couple painted in blue. It measures 8" in diameter and stands almost 4" tall. 1 1280 1.00   ended
242 s2182.jpgThis small lidded urn has a crackled cream finish with a blue Asian themed design. It stands approx. 10" tall. 3 1362 3.00   ended
250 s2229.jpgThis tapestry is a must see! It features a floral still life in warm tones. This is a beautiful work of art that will add class to any area of your home. 2 1361 5.00   ended
251 s2262.jpgSterling silver bowl on a pedestal. Stands approx. 5" tall and 5" across. 13 1296 36.00   ended
277 s2477.jpgLarge 10'x18' area rug with intricate floral patter in blues, mauves and greens on an ivory background. 36 1298 925.00   ended
279 s2494.jpgArea rug with ivory, blue and gold floral pattern on a maroon background. Measures approx. 60"x94" 7 1373 26.50   ended
291 s2560.jpgOval silver-plated tray with raised rim and engraved bottom. Measures 10.5"x14.5" 2 1306 2.00   ended
292 s2567.jpgDecorative white and red Spode collector plate depicting the "Warwick Vase". Measures approx. 10.5" in diameter. 2 1341 5.00   ended
294 s2579.jpgDecorative green collector plate entitled "Imperial Malachite" from the Lynn Chase Designs collection. 4 1360 6.00   ended
322 s2758.jpgLot of 3 accent pillows in warm tones of red and green and fringe accents. The two square pillows are reversible, as shown. 3 1392 6.00   ended
333 s2804.jpgDecorative plate with Oriental flair, featuring a colorful peacock on a red background; approx. 13" in diameter 2 1327 2.00   ended
334 s2811.jpgOriental themed bowl. Painted in black lacquer with gold accents depicting two ladies in an outdoor scene; 8" in diameter 1 1313 1.00   ended
336 s2817.jpgSmall colorful Oriental bowl featuring a pair of birds; rests on a wooden pedestal. 5 1343 10.00   ended
344 s2834.jpgSet of cast iron book ends with literary quotes by E. B. Browning and William Shakespeare. 6 1364 20.00   ended
347 s2844.jpgPair of gold plated candlesticks with a base resembling Roman columns. Each stands approx. 9" tall. Including the candle, each stands approx. 14.5" tall 11 1344 15.00   ended
348 s2847.jpgGold-toned lidded trinket box. Features raised details depicting what may be religious events; approx. 10" long x 5" wide 1 1361 2.00   ended
349 s2852.jpgSet of small colorful Oriental bowls, each on a decorative base; perfect for display or decoration 2 1280 4.00   ended
350 s2853.jpgLot of two decorative items including a crystal vase with a gold rim and a gold-dipped rose. Pair them together for a beautiful display on a desk or shelf. 5 1344 8.00   ended
351 s2858.jpgLot of 3 decorative items including a small brass urn with handles, a white ceramic vase and a small crystal votive candle holder       ended
352 s2860.jpgSmall decorative white ceramic urn filled with fruit painted in a cobalt blue glaze. Great for adding a touch of color to your decor. Made in Italy. 3 1324 6.00   ended
355 s2868.jpgLot of 4 glass candlesticks with hexagonal bases; each stands approx. 8" tall       ended
356 s2870.jpgLot of 2 glass candlesticks with hexagonal bases; each stands approx. 5.5" tall       ended
359 s2882.jpgCarving of an Oriental woman in traditional robes. Label states it is "Gemstone". Statuette stands approx. 13.5" tall 15 1354 60.00   ended

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