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178 s1465.JPGSet of two signed and numbered limited edition hand-colored prints of a Hereford bull. Signed by artist Charles Beckendorf, a very popular Hill Country artist. Larger print measures 21.5"x15" and smaller print measures 14"x11". 9 1703 30.00   ended
227 s1597.JPGBeautiful original painting of a cowboy scaring two deer, signed by the artist Tom Beecham. Framed, this piece measures approx. 26"x22". 9 1566 70.00   ended
229 s1602.JPGSigned, limited edition print of a bald eagle family by Alaskan artist Charles Gause. Measures approx. 26"x36" 7 1859 30.33   ended
234 s1631.JPGFramed original watercolor painting of a polar bear, signed by artist Jody Thompson. Frame has a small nick in the wood. Framed, measurements are approx. 38"x28.5". 4 1859 22.00   ended
236 s1641.JPGNumbered mezzotint of a drawing by Claude Lorrain. Number 188 from an original drawing in the collection of the Duke of Devonshire. Measures 15.5"x17.5". 3 1855 4.33   ended
240 s1663.JPGSigned, limited edition print of a Hereford calf hiding in tall grass. Measures approx. 17"x21" 9 1792 22.00   ended
241 s1669.JPGLimited edition print of a grizzly bear, signed by Alaskan artist Charles Gause. Measures approx. 28"x38.5" 12 1859 24.00   ended
247 s1709.JPGOriginal watercolor depicting a city sidewalk. Approx. 25.5"x17" 2 1361 2.00   ended
253 s1738.JPGSigned print of a watercolor painting featuring a calf roper used as a poster for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo; measures approx. 23.5"x19.5". 10 1703 50.00   ended
254 s1744.JPGOriginal acrylic painting signed by the artist. Measures approx. 30"x24" 2 1306 3.00   ended
272 s1757.JPGSigned and numbered limited edition of a print featuring eggs in a nest. Measures 24"x20" 3 1635 6.00   ended
277 s1783.JPGFramed limited edition of a pencil drawing featuring a Corvette; measures 22"x26" 16 1295 25.00   ended
278 s1791.JPGLimited edition print of a mountain pasture with deer grazing. Measures 23"x38" 3 1327 5.00   ended
279 s1797.JPGSigned limited edition print of a mountain range overlooking a lake by artist Charles Gause; measures 25"x34" 3 1518 4.00   ended
280 s1804.JPGPoster of a moonrise over Mount Everest signed by the two men in the expedition, including the photographer; 23"x29" 1 1617 1.00   ended
284 s1825.JPGSigned original acrylic painting of a river running through autumn woods; measures 24"x28" 7 1832 10.00   ended
285 s1831.JPGLimited edition print of a Marc Chagall painting 8 1859 30.00   ended
290 s1857.JPGBeautiful framed painting of an old-world cityscape. Framed in an ornate wooden frame. 13 1274 101.00   ended
396 s2400.JPGSigned and numbered print of a watercolor depicting a Jerusalem landscape by artist Helen Bar-Lev 4 1635 12.00   ended
397 s2408.JPGThis is such a unique piece! This is an original watercolor, signed by the artist Newman depicting a duck on a limb over the water. But, this piece has a bonus in that on the back side, the artist started a second watercolor of a duck hunter flushing ducks from logs. Such a rarity. A frame is included with this piece. 6 1844 10.00   ended
512 s2074.JPGOriginal watercolor depicting a mountain valley, signed by artist G. Peterson, approx. 28"x36" 5 1869 16.00   ended

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