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1 sIMG_9416.JPG"Peacekeeper" by Kopycinski. Exquisite limited edition bronze by Texas sculptor Vic Kopycinski. This piece is numbered and inscribed on the back side of the base Kopycinski 5/10.Measurements: 13-1/2"in. tall x 6-1/2"in. wide x 5-3/4"in. depth. 8 2535 42.50   ended
2 sIMG_9436.JPG"A Wing and a Prayer" by Fred Fellows (American, 1934) Limited edition bronze statue affixed to black granite and wood base. The piece is inscribed on the backside of the bronze base :Fellows CA 100/100 . Measurements: 14-1/2"in. tall x 8-1/4"in. wide (at base) x 6-1/2"in. depth (at base) 20 2142 275.00   ended
3 sIMG_9455.JPG"Scout" by Kopycinski. (American, 1975) Limited edition, very rare. Sculpted by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski.This beautiful piece is affixed to a wooden base with metal placard inscribed with the artist's name and title. Great condition with exception to a few small scuffs to the wooden base (view pictures). Backside of the sculpture is inscribed VK '75 1/25. Measurements: 6-1/2"in. tall x 3-3/4"in. wide x 4"in. depth. 6 2310 25.00   ended
4 sIMG_9470.JPG"Hellfire and Brimstone" by Kopycinski. (American, 1975) Limited edition bronze tone sculpture by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski. This piece is mounted on a wooden base with metal placard on the front with artist's name and title. Great condition with the exception of small scuffs and scratches to the wooden base (view pictures). Backside of the sculpture is inscribed Kopycinski 75. 3/25 4 1872 30.00   ended
5 sIMG_9478.JPG"Dr. Good's 6-Bit Cureall" by Kopycinski (American, 1970's) Limited edition sculpture by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski.Bronze tone statue is mounted on wooden base. This piece is numbered and inscribed on the backside of the bronze base: Kopycinski 6/25. This piece is in great condition with exception to small scuffs and wear to the wooden base (as can be expected for age). Measurements: 7-1/2"in. tall x 5-1/2"in.wide x 4"in. depth. 2 1872 10.00   ended
6 sIMG_9493.JPG"Rendezvous" by Kopycinski. Breathtaking vintage limited edition bronze color sculpture by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski of a cowboy carrying his lady by horseback. Bronze color statue is mounted on wooden base, with metal placard displaying the title and artist. The backside of the bronze sculpture is also inscribed "Kopysinski 1/15". Measurements: 15"in. tall x 11"in. wide x4"in. depth. Great condition with exception to a few small imperfections/scuffs on wooden base. 12 2535 35.01   ended
7 sIMG_9509.JPG"Courtin" by Kopycinski. Beautiful vintage limited edition bronze tone sculpture by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski. Bronze statue is mounted to a rotating wooden base with a metal placard on the front displaying the title and artist name. The backside of the sculpture is inscribed "Kopycinski 77", "Courtin", "1/15". Measurements: 12-1/2"in. tall x 9"in. wide. 12 2535 32.51   ended
8 sIMG_9531.JPG"Friendly Competition" by Kopycinski (American, 1978) Vintage limited edition bronze color sculpture by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski. This stunning bronze western statue is mounted to a wooden base, with a metal placard on the front displaying the title and artist name. The sculpture is inscribed "Friendly Competition" "Kopycinski 18/18" 1978". Measurements:13-1/2"in. tall x 10-1/2"in.wide x 7"in.depth. 13 1872 70.00   ended
9 sIMG_9549.JPG"The Blacksmith" by Clyde Doney (American,1976) Vintage limited edition bronze color sculpture by renowned sculpture artist Clyde Doney, who was known for his amazing western inspired pieces. This piece is affixed to a marble and wooden base that displays a metal placard with the title of the sculpture. The backside is inscribed "Doney","1976","17 of 20". The piece is in great condition. Measurements: 14"in. tall x 7" wide x 7"in. depth. 11 2310 80.00   ended
10 sIMG_9572.JPGMagnificent vintage bronze tone sculpture of a cowboy with his saddle by renowned Utah sculpture artist Hughes Curtis (1904-1972) This rare piece is affixed to a wooden base and it is in great condition for age, with exception to just a few tiny scratches to the wood base. Measurements:22-1/4"in. tall x 12"in. wide x 6-1/4"in. depth. 9 1872 110.00   ended
11 sIMG_9589.JPG"Barkeeper" by Kopycinski. Vintage, Limited edition. Sculpted by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski. This bronze tone piece is affixed to a wood base with metal placard inscribed with the artist name and title of the piece. It is in great condition with exception to scratches to the base (as pictured). Backside of the sculpture is inscribed " Kopycinski '75", "1/25". Measurements: 7-1/2"in. tall x 4"in. wide x 4"in. depth. 5 1872 9.00   ended
12 sIMG_9618.JPG"Just a country lawyer" by Kopycinski. This vintage bronze tone sculpture is mounted on a wood base. Sculpted by Texas artist Vic Kopycinski. Limited edition, in great condition with exception to minor scratches on the wood base. Backside of the sculpture is inscribed with "Kopycinski '75", "1/25". What a rare piece to add to your collection. Measurements: 5-3/4"in. tall x 5-1/2"wide x 4"in. depth. 7 2535 16.99   ended
13 sIMG_9620.JPG"THE SERGEANT" by Remington. Post Post-humous cast bronze tone sculpture, sculpture is inscribed on left side as "Frederic Remington" and backside reads "Copyright by Frederic Remington". Sculpture has a place on bottom side where it can be mounted to a larger base if desired. Sculpture stands 9-1/2" in. tall x 2-1/2"in. wide (at base) x 2-1/4"in. depth. 14 2535 70.00   ended
14 sIMG_9638.JPGChilmark Fine Pewter "The Chief " by Donald Polland. (American,1982)This beautiful sculpture is cast in pewter, made by American artist Donald Polland (1932-2003). Stamped on bottom backside "23 16" and inscribed "Polland 1982". This sculpture shows excellent craftsmanship and sits upon a beveled wooden base. Measures 6-3/4 in. tall x 5-1/2"in. wide x 5-1/2"in. depth. Good condition with exception to light scratches on the base. 11 1933 36.25   ended
15 sIMG_9652.JPG Vintage brown and white stripe hand painted glazed jug/vase. Measures 10-1/4"in. tall x 6-1/2"in. wide x 4"in.depth (at the widest part) x 2"in. diameter of lip. Small pock marks/blemish at the neck of the vase and also a piece that has been repaired inside the lip of vase (please view picture) 2 2333 6.01   ended
16 sIMG_9669.JPGAntique set of Russian Soviet Nesting Dolls. The bottom of the largest doll is stamped "Made in USSR" and dated in 1930. This adorable set of hand painted Matryoshka dolls consists of a total of 11 blonde painted girls. The set is in good condition with minor flaking of paint in some places on the largest doll due to age. Largest doll measures 7-1/2"in. tall. 6 1707 22.01   ended
17 sIMG_9681.JPGSly Stallone signed official Everlast boxing glove in protective case. Nicely signed in black felt tip marker. Case measures 9"in. tall x 13"wide x 11" depth. Perfect gift for all the Rocky movie fans out there! 17 1290 75.00   ended
18 sIMG_9696.JPGEverlast official boxing glove signed by " " Glove measures 13"in. long. 7 2535 20.00   ended
19 sIMG_9703.JPGHouston Rockets Photograph Print signed by former players Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon in gold paint pen. Print measures 14"in. long x 11-1/2"in. wide. Great addition for any rockets or basketball fan! 18 1707 55.00   ended
20 sIMG_9706.JPGLarge "Believe It!" Chronicle Sports print autographed by " ". Measures 12"in. tall by 18"in. wide. 1 1201 1.00   ended
21 sIMG_9715.JPGAutographed photo of Celtics legends Bill Russell and Will Chamberlin. Certified by M.O.C. with certificate attached to the backside of photograph. Comes in protective sleeve. Measures 16"in. tall by 13-1/2"in.wide. 14 1290 80.00   ended
22 sIMG_9718.JPGRoger Clemons autographed photo from when he pitched for the Boston Red Sox. Signed in black marker. Picture measures 14"in. long x 11"in. wide. Perfect gift for any baseball collector! 5 1558 9.00   ended
23 sIMG_9726.JPGAutographed photo of a famous celebrity in a black and silver sequin evening gown. " " Picture measures 10"tall x 8-1/2"wide. 2 2535 1.50   ended
24 sIMG_9730.JPGLarry Holmes autographed 8x10 boxing picture. Comes in protective plastic sleeve 5 2535 15.00   ended
25 sIMG_9736.JPGGreen Bay Packers Bart Starr autographed photo. 14x11 size. Signed in silver pen. 11 2771 29.99   ended
26 sIMG_9743.JPGAutographed 8 x 10 photo and one dollar bill signed by our current president, Donald Trump. Signed in blue marker. 14 2535 55.00   ended
27 sIMG_9750.JPGAutographed 8x10 photo signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perfect gift for anyone who was a fan of "The Terminator" movies! Signed in black marker. 3 2230 8.00   ended
28 sIMG_9754.JPGSet of 2 5x7 photographs autographed by actors Chevy Chase and Denzel Washington. Signed in marker. 3 2535 9.00   ended
29 sIMG_9760.JPGCynthia Cooper autographed limited edition 1997 WNBA program. Number 82/250. COA is included. 2 1201 2.58   ended
30 sIMG_9779.JPGAutographed Nolan Ryan commemorative "The No Hitter " Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers program in gold marker. 7 2478 17.00   ended
31 sIMG_9767.JPGNolan Ryan autographed "A Night to Remember" program for Texas Rangers vs. Texas Longhorns. Signed in blue marker. 8 1688 27.50   ended
32 sIMG_9771.JPGNolan Ryan autographed 1989 Souvenir Program Magazine. Signed in blue marker. 6 1536 12.00   ended
33 sIMG_9774.JPGDustin Hoffman autographed 8x10 photograph in silver frame. Signed in black marker. 5 2535 10.00   ended
34 sIMG_9782.JPGVery nice Akeem Olajuwon autographed 1990 Houston Rockets photo mounted on a wooden plaque. Signed in black marker. Great piece to add to your basketball memorabilia collection! 6 1201 20.05   ended
35 sIMG_9797.JPGUltra rare Neil Armstrong signed baseball. Challenger center logo is on the ball. Great condition with some slight shading to the ball, comes in protective plastic cover. 26 2535 270.00   ended
36 sIMG_9790.JPGBuzz Aldrin autographed baseball. Comes in plastic protector. Great condition with slight shading on baseball. 13 1688 110.00   ended
37 sIMG_9796.JPGBrian Williams autographed baseball. Signed in marker with some shading to the ball. 6 2535 6.00   ended
38 sIMG_0104.JPGSet of 2 small cut glass vases standing about 4-1/2"in. tall.       ended
39 sIMG_0106.JPGSet of 2 glass salt and pepper shakers with metal tops, along with two metal sterling weighted salt and pepper shakers that would look beautiful with a little polish. 2 1688 6.00   ended
40 sIMG_0132.JPGLot of assorted silverplate and silver tone items, including Rogers silver plate baby cup (2-1/2"in. tall),Ascot Sheffield design reproduction by community silver plated serving tray (about 12"in. long), silver tone circular dish with etched design (about 5"in. diameter), and circle shaped coaster/candle holder with grape leaf design (about 4-1/2"in. diameter) Total of 4 items. 1 1391 1.00   ended
41 sIMG_0134.JPGLot of 4 assorted silver colored items, including scallop shell shape tray (about 5-1/2"in. wide), oval shaped serving dish with handles (10"in. wide), and two matching bowls with braided look design on rim (5"in. wide) 1 1391 1.00   ended
42 sIMG_0156.JPGAssorted lot of 3 items, including a wooden folding adjustable height book stand with carved maple leaf design (12"in.long at base and about 10"in. tall), butterfly design keepsake box (11"long x 8-1/4"wide) and pineapple shaped trinket dish (8"in. long) 3 1532 2.00   ended
43 sIMG_0180.JPGAssorted lot of 4 items including three etched silver color trivets (about 5"in. diameter), one silver tone color serving fork (12"in. long), and one large silver tone oval shaped serving dish (about 11-1/2"in. long) 1 2726 1.00   ended
44 sIMG_0195.JPGPeach color glass polygon shape dish. Measures about 7-1/2" diameter.       ended
45 sIMG_0196.JPGAmber color candle holder with square abstract design. Measures about 4"in. diameter. 1 1484 1.00   ended
46 sIMG_0200.JPGAmber color glass pedestal bowl measuring 7-1/2"in. tall. Pretty leaf shape footed bottom with flower design on the bowl. Gorgeous! 1 1484 1.00   ended
47 sIMG_0216.JPGPeach color glass pedestal dish. Stands about 4"in. tall. 1 1991 1.00   ended
48 sIMG_0226.JPGGorgeous Viking Handmade Six-Petal Lighter in Bluenique color. Mid-century. *The lighter mechanism has not been tested* The condition is great. Dimensions: 6-1/2"in. tall. 11 1484 20.00   ended
49 sIMG_0233.JPGPlastic lidded ice bucket with fruit design and long handle. 7-1/2"in. tall by 7"in. across. 1 1325 1.00   ended

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