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15 sIMG_9652.JPG Vintage brown and white stripe hand painted glazed jug/vase. Measures 10-1/4"in. tall x 6-1/2"in. wide x 4"in.depth (at the widest part) x 2"in. diameter of lip. Small pock marks/blemish at the neck of the vase and also a piece that has been repaired inside the lip of vase (please view picture) 2 2333 6.01   ended
16 sIMG_9669.JPGAntique set of Russian Soviet Nesting Dolls. The bottom of the largest doll is stamped "Made in USSR" and dated in 1930. This adorable set of hand painted Matryoshka dolls consists of a total of 11 blonde painted girls. The set is in good condition with minor flaking of paint in some places on the largest doll due to age. Largest doll measures 7-1/2"in. tall. 6 1707 22.01   ended
38 sIMG_0104.JPGSet of 2 small cut glass vases standing about 4-1/2"in. tall.       ended
42 sIMG_0156.JPGAssorted lot of 3 items, including a wooden folding adjustable height book stand with carved maple leaf design (12"in.long at base and about 10"in. tall), butterfly design keepsake box (11"long x 8-1/4"wide) and pineapple shaped trinket dish (8"in. long) 3 1532 2.00   ended
45 sIMG_0196.JPGAmber color candle holder with square abstract design. Measures about 4"in. diameter. 1 1484 1.00   ended
46 sIMG_0200.JPGAmber color glass pedestal bowl measuring 7-1/2"in. tall. Pretty leaf shape footed bottom with flower design on the bowl. Gorgeous! 1 1484 1.00   ended
47 sIMG_0216.JPGPeach color glass pedestal dish. Stands about 4"in. tall. 1 1991 1.00   ended
48 sIMG_0226.JPGGorgeous Viking Handmade Six-Petal Lighter in Bluenique color. Mid-century. *The lighter mechanism has not been tested* The condition is great. Dimensions: 6-1/2"in. tall. 11 1484 20.00   ended
51 sIMG_0244.JPGHotel Lafayette leather hotel keychain with key. This would be a great decorative piece. 8 2310 20.00   ended
52 sIMG_0249.JPGVintage poodle bobble head pincushion. Very unique piece! 8 1371 8.00   ended
73 sIMG_0691.JPGSet of 2 Mallard Duck figurines, crafted in Malaysia. Beautiful! One wing appears to possibly have some damage to it, please view picture. It is still a very nice set of figurines for any duck collector. Duck 1 with the wings outstretched in flight measures about 5 in. tall, Duck 2 with wings a little lowered behind it measures about 4-1/2"in. tall. 4 2310 10.00   ended
74 sIMG_0703.JPGGoebel bird figurine, Golden Oriole. West Germany. Excellent Condition, circa 1960's. Stamped on bottom with maker's mark. This beautiful Oriole is perched upon a leafy branch, in brilliant hues of golden yellow. Hand Painted. It measures 5-1/2"in. tall by 8-1/2"in. long. The original silver label is attached with the name of the Oriole in three different languages listed. 3 2491 4.25   ended
75 sIMG_0710.JPG1989 Lenox Magnificent Hummingbirds figurine. Stands 5-1/2"in. tall with Lenox stamp on bottomside. Made in Taiwan. 9 1484 7.75   ended
76 sIMG_0722.JPGGoebel Canada Goose figurine, circa 1977. In great condition, bisque porcelain. Goebel stamp on bottom along with the name of the Canada Goose in three languages. Beautiful piece! Measures about 8-1/4"in. tall. 6 1484 7.00   ended
77 sIMG_0729.JPG1986 Hamilton collection BARN OWL porcelain sculpture in great condition. Measures 6-1/2" in. across at base. 1 1635 1.00   ended
78 sIMG_0737.JPGLefton Mallard Duck figures, set of 2. K214. Stamped on bottom with original Lefton red foil sticker attached. Duck with head downward, stands about 5"in. tall, Duck with upright head measures about 5-3/4"in. tall. 2 1201 1.50   ended
79 sIMG_0745.JPGLenox porcelain Fur Seals figurine. Stamped on bottom side, Wildlife of the Seven Continents. Fine Porcelain, made in Japan. Measures 9"in. long by 5-1/4" in. tall. 1 1635 1.00   ended
80 sIMG_0752.JPGGoebel Mute Swan. Beautiful outstretched wings, stunnning piece. Stamped on bottom side. Circa 1977. It measures 9"in.long x 10-1/2" wide at the wing tips x 6"in. tall. Great condition. 6 1484 6.25   ended
81 sIMG_0761.JPGGoebel Swallow figurine, circa 1967. Handpainted. Goebel stamped on bottom, CV85. Measures 8-3/8"in. 8 1484 4.51   ended
82 sIMG_0776.JPGLenox "Orca's Odyssey" fine porcelain killer whale figurine. Measures 6-1/2"in. tall. Stamped on bottomside. 1 1635 1.00   ended
83 sIMG_0782.JPGWood duck figure, standing on rocks covered in snow. Hand painted, beautiful. Stamped FM88 on side of figurine. Measures 3"in. tall by about 5-1/4"in. long. 1 2767 1.00   ended
84 sIMG_0791.JPGGoebel bird figurine, Blue Titmouse. West Germany, CV 64. Beautiful bird hanging from bottomside of a branch. Very cute! 1962. Stands 4"in. tall. 4 1484 3.00   ended
85 sIMG_0796.JPGBluethroat bird figurine, perched on branch with pink flowers. Measures about 9"in. tall. 2 2009 1.50   ended
86 sIMG_0807.JPGLenox Koalas Australia fine porcelain figurine, measures 8"in. tall x 6"in. wide. Adorable little Koala with arm outstretched towards the Koala below it eating! Stamped Lenox Japan on bottom, from Wildlife of the Seven Continents series. 2 1635 2.00   ended
89 sIMG_0852.JPGSet of carved wooden horse figurines, total of eight horses. 4 1872 6.75   ended
104 sIMG_0361.JPGBeautiful bisque porcelain horse named "Pirouuette", original work of art by Pamela du Boulay, authorized by the Spanish Riding School, circa 1981. This sculpture is hand cast by Franklin Porcelain and was issued by an exclusive collectors edition solely by private invitation. This horse stands 7 1/2 inches tall and is 8 inches in length. 17 1484 25.25   ended
105 sIMG_0368.JPGWhimsical hand painted porcelain fish named "Defiance" made by Al Agnew presented by Field and Stream, circa 1988. Stands 13 inches and sits 8 inches in length. 13 1484 14.00   ended
106 sIMG_0381.JPGAmazing hand painted porcelain sculpture called "Prayer to the Healing Spirit" by Buck McCain. This sculpture stands 15 inches tall and is 8 inches in length. 15 1484 21.00   ended
108 sIMG_0423.JPGBeautiful hand painted fine porcelain sculpture named "Buffalo Dancer" created by The Franklin Mint, circa 1990. Measuring 5 1/2 inches in length and by 9 inches in height. 4 1484 6.00   ended
109 sIMG_0440.JPGA fun fine porcelain sculpture, hand painted and created by The Franklin Mint named "Natures' Mirror", circa 1988. Standing 6 inches tall and 6 inches in length. 4 1635 3.50   ended
110 sIMG_0452.JPGA whimsical sculpture made of hand painted fine porcelain created by The Franklin Mint circa 1989, named "Forest Friends". Measuring 7 inches tall. 1 1635 1.00   ended
111 sIMG_0459.JPGBeautiful hand painted porcelain sculpture, measuring 12 1/2 inches tall by 8 inches in length. 2 1484 2.50   ended
112 sIMG_0469.JPGBeautiful black and white porcelain panda bear sculpture made by Eva Dalburg named "Hi There!", circa 1984. This sculpture stands 4 1/2 inches tall and is 4 inches in diameter. 1 1635 1.00   ended
113 sIMG_0476.JPGA fun sculpture designed officially for the National Wildlife Federation, created by Nicholas Wilson and named "Playful Morning", circa 1984. Measures 6 inches in length. 3 2491 3.00   ended
114 sIMG_0487.JPGBeautiful Siberian Tiger sculpture, made exclusively for Home Interiors and Gifts, circa 1996. Measures 7 inches in length and stand 6 inches tall. 1 2009 1.00   ended
115 sIMG_0502.JPGA beautiful fine porcelain sculpture of African Tigers, hand crafted by Lenox, circa 1988, measures 7 inches in length and 6 inches in height. 2 2009 1.50   ended
116 sIMG_0511.JPGA Wildlife of the Seven Continents sculpture, made of fine porcelain designed by Lenox, named "Elephants Asia". Measures 7 inches in length and 6 inches in height. 2 2009 1.50   ended
117 sIMG_0527.JPGLimited edition hand painted porcelain sculpture made by Kaiser. Made in Western Germany, number 199 out of 300. Stands 8 inches long by 6 1/2 high. 6 1484 4.00   ended
118 sIMG_0540.JPGA whimsical porcelain design measuring 6 inches by 6 inches 2 1635 2.00   ended
119 sIMG_0551.JPGWildlife of the Seven Continents fine porcelain sculpture named "Brigorn Sheep" created by Lenox. This sculpture measures 8 1/2 inches high by 7 inches long. 2 1635 2.00   ended
120 sIMG_0563.JPGBeautiful bisque porcelain horse named "Levade" sold by Pamela du Boulay, circa 1981. This sculpture is an exclusive piece sent by private invitation only. This horse stands 10 inches tall and is 8 inches in length. 8 2779 13.51   ended
121 sIMG_0579.JPGWhimsical hand painted porcelain setter made by Kaiser. Measuring 9 inches in length by 7 1/2 inches wide. 14 2535 42.25   ended
122 sIMG_0584.JPGA fine pewter special edition sculpture made by Unit Colors designed by Polland, circa 1984. This sculpture measures 5 1/2 in diameter and stands 6 inches tall. 5 1478 12.00   ended
123 sIMG_0595.JPGBeautiful porcelain hand painted elephant sculpture measuring 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide. 1 2009 1.00   ended
124 sIMG_0603.JPGAmazingly beautiful hand crafted fine porcelain elephant designed by The Franklin Mint, named "Unforgettable", circa 1987. This sculpture measures 5 inches in length and 4 inches in height. 3 1991 2.00   ended
125 sIMG_0612.JPGBeautifully colored porcelain bird, designed by Kaiser, stands 7 inches tall. 6 1484 5.00   ended
131 s1052.jpgVintage McCoy Swan Vase, light pink color. Measures 9"in. tall. Stamped McCoy on bottom of vase. 7 1872 6.51   ended
160 s76.jpgHandmade Wooden box with three drawers and glass handles. You can use this to hold jewelery or other small items as well! 11 in. tall 10 in. wide. (ITEM IS BEING CONSIGNED OUT OF A TRADITIONAL PIPE SMOKERS HOME) 9 2504 5.00   ended
161 s105.jpgCheck out this cool Lamp! if you love old flame lit lamps but love the convienence of electricity then this is perfect for you! 23 in. tall. (ITEM IS BEING CONSIGNED OUT OF A TRADITIONAL PIPE SMOKERS HOME) 2 1371 12.00   ended
164 s98.jpgTwo nice lamps! these two make a great pair! (ITEM IS BEING CONSIGNED OUT OF A TRADITIONAL PIPE SMOKERS HOME) 6 2491 10.09   ended

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