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Item Description
B.Thank you for shopping with Lufkin Auction House. We have been doing online estate sales across the state for almost a decade and look forward to serving our hometown Lufkin Texas. If you have any questions about buying with or selling please let us know. We are accepting always accepting consignments for our next sell. God Bless, Martin Pigg
A.All items are being sold "as is where is". There are no warranties expressed or implied concerning condition, authentication, or value of an item. All Lufkin Auction House sales are final. Payment is expected to be made at the time of pickup or online via method cash or credit. If you cannot pickup items during designated pickup times, you will need to call office prior to the event ending to work out alternative shipping, delivery, and payment methods so your items will not be forfeited.
1.Small leaded crystal dish with fluted rim. It stands approx. 4" high. This would make a great votive cup or small candy dish.
2.Crystal dish with looped handles. Approx. 7" across, this piece is a beautiful addition to any collection.
3.Beautiful lidded candy dish, standing approx. 6" tall.
4.Lot of 3 beautiful crystal pieces including a basket, shallow dish with looped handle and spherical bowl that could be used for a candle holder or potpourri dish.
5.These crystal candlesticks would be make a perfect accent to a dining table or display. Stand approx. 8" tall.
6.Exquisite porcelain decorative items including a Lenox swan and vase and a Belleek pot.
7.Small, round, crystal bowl, standing approx. 9" tall.
8.Lot of 3 crystal pieces including a shallow dish, small bowl and small pinecone on a mirrored stand
9.Small crystal jar with lid
10.Tall crystal vase with scalloped rim
11.Beautiful crystal wine decanter with colorful cut crystal wine glasses. All are displayed in a silver plated tray. One blue glass has a small chip.
12.Oriental ceramic bowl is a beautiful accent piece for any home
13.This small decorative tea set has a delicate purple petunia motif.
14.This lot of 3 porcelain items includes a Frankfurt ashtray, small ornate rose and a delicate figurine of a man and woman
15.Lovely Wedgewood crystal vase standing 9" tall and ready for a beautiful bouquet.
16.Crystal ash tray with brilliant star pattern on the bottom
17.Royal Bavaria decorative wine pitcher with 4 goblets. Features delicate hand painted grape and leaf accents
18.Domed display platform for showcasing your valuable collectibles
19.Small crystal pitcher
20.Small crystal vase, perfect for a small centerpiece or bouquet
21.Crystal dish, perfect for candy, flowers or simply adding to your collection
22.Gorgeous crystal vase with scalloped rim
23.Very ornate oriental platter with navy and mauve accents. Measures approx. 12" in diameter
24.Beautiful ceramic vase and planter/dish with a cream finish and navy accents.
25.Small, ornate crystal vase with scalloped rim.
26.Silk plant in a decorative gold-toned container. Stands approx. 11" high. Container alone is 11" wide.
27.Antique T & V Limoges hand painted grape platter, signed by the artist. Approx. value is over $150
28.Antique T & V Limoges hand painted grape bowl on a pedestal, signed by the artist. Approx. value is over $300.
29.Classy oriental themed lamp with wooden base and matching shade
30.Beautiful floral still life in an exquisite black and antiqued gold frame. Measures 18" x 15"
31.Stately brass candelabra with 16 new cream pillar candles. With a little elbow grease, it will shine brightly. With pillars, stands 26" tall
32.Intricately detailed brass trinket box with hinged lid
33.Vintage velour and patchwork pillows in dark green with maroon and cream and fringe
34.Cream ceramic candlesticks with blue Oriental motif
35.Set of 7 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue dinner plates
36.Set of 4 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue cup and saucer sets
37.Set of 4 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue cup and saucer sets (with 2 additional saucers)
38.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue covered dish
39.Set of 4 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" small blue bowls
40.Set of 4 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue bowls
41.Set of 4 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" assorted bowls and plates
42.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue serving bowl
43.Beautiful Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" blue shaped serving dishes. Rectangular dish is approx. 10.5" long and the square dish is approx. 9" long
44.Lot of 5 Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" serving pieces including a trivet, small tray, small gravy or cream pitcher and 2 egg cups
45.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" medium serving platter, approx. 13" long
46.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" medium serving platter, approx. 13" long
47.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" large serving platter, approx. 15" long. Has small chip in the center
48.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" large serving platter, approx. 17" long.
49.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" extra large serving platter, approx. 19" long.
50.Copeland of England "Spode's Tower" set of 7 small plates
51.Small round crystal dish/vase, standing approx. 4" tall.
52.Lot of 2 small crystal dishes
53.Lot of 4 small crystal pieces including a cream and sugar set, small pitcher and small dish
54.Set of 7 crystal and silver plated drink coasters
55.Large round silver-plated serving tray, approx. 15" in diameter
56.Large round silver-plated serving tray, approx. 14" in diameter
57.Beautiful silver serving tray and large bowl on a pedestal
58.Large silver-plated oval tray with etched design and raised pattern on the rim, approx. 16" in diameter
59.Black GE microwave oven, approx. 12" tall x22" wide x16" deep
60.Set of 4 amazing Waterford Crystal wine glasses in pristine condition
61.Set of 4 amazing Waterford Crystal wine glasses in pristine condition
62.Set of 4 amazing Waterford Crystal wine glasses in pristine condition
63.Set of 4 crystal wine glasses in perfect condition
64.Set of 4 crystal wine goblets in perfect condition
65.Set of 4 crystal wine goblets in perfect condition
66.Set of 4 crystal wine goblets in perfect condition
67.Set of 4 La Rochere of Paris "Bee Tumblers"
68.Set of 4 La Rochere of Paris "Bee Tumblers"
69.Set of 5 Royal Crescent salad plates with light blue rim, blue daisies and gold accents
70.Set of 7 Anchor Hocking small angular juice glasses
71.Set of 7 dessert dishes
72.Set of 10 etched glass dessert plates
73.Set of 4 oblong acrylic dessert dishes, perfect for banana splits
74.Set of 2 whimsical yellow leaf serving tray and dish, great for a fall party
75.Set of 4 etched glass dessert dishes
76.Unique glass serving tray with gilded geometric patter embossed on the bottom; approx. 14" long
77.Set of 3 beautiful glass serving trays; 2 are large, circular trays with a swirl pattern while the other has a simple floral design with scalloped edges
78.Lot of 3 glass serving trays: one is a lovely deviled egg tray. Another has an embossed fruit and leaf pattern. The last has a cut class starburst pattern. All are in excellent condition and ready for your next gathering.
79.Set of 6 parfait glasses; 2 have a floral checkerboard pattern on the rim. The other 4 have etched leaf pattern
80.Gorgeous vintage Schumann Dresden 11" floral plate, perfect for use as a small platter or serving plate
81.Set of 5 vintage cookbooks, including the "Jubilee" Junior League of Mobile, AL 1964 cookbook
82.Lot of 6 assorted glasses and tumblers
83.Set of 7 green goblets with clear stems. Would add a festive touch to your Christmas dining table
84.Set of 7 vintage coffee mugs; 4 are bright gold with white handles and 3 are from the Holt-Howard 1966 collection with gold-toned stripes and white handles.
85.Square crystal ashtray with a subtle pattern
86.Lot of 7 assorted juice glasses/small tumblers
87.Set of 8 glass dessert dishes
88.Set of 5 glass dessert dishes/ramekins with a banded rim
89.Lot of 5 dessert dishes/ramekins; 4 Pyrex dishes have a scalloped rim, the other a swirl pattern
90.Lot of 5 crystal glassware pieces including 1 glass and 4 tumblers
91.Set of 6 smoke colored glasses; perfect for serving beverages or desserts
92.Set of 8 vintage amber-colored coin spot glass tumblers
93.Set of 4 vintage wine glasses with gold rims
94.Set of 4 crystal wine glasses with gold rims
95.Set of 6 cordial beverage glasses
96.Set of 5 footed beverage glasses
97.Lot of 7 assorted beverages glasses including 4 Irish coffee cups and 3 brandy glasses
98.Set of 8 simple yet elegant wine glasses
99.Set of 5 elongated wine glasses
100.Beautiful crystal wine glasses with gold rims
101.Set of 4 unique vintage champagne saucers with hollow stems
102.Set of 6 champagne saucers
103.Set of 6 champagne saucers
104.Set of 8 wine goblets
105.Set of 6 blue acrylic goblets
106.Set of 4 champagne flutes
107.Set of 4 crystal champagne flutes with gold rims
108.Set of 6 champagne flutes with spiraled stems
109.Set of 6 champagne flutes with spiraled stems
110.Lot of 3 small, unique serving pieces. Two bowls have deep scalloped edges. The tray is a freeform shape with a separate compartment for dips, etc.
111.Gorgeous crystal ice bucket. This piece will add class to any bar or beverage center
112.Set of 4 small cut glass bowls
113.Set of 4 white Precidio cereal bowls with blue geometric pattern
114.Lot of 7 assorted coffee mugs as shown; 3 have a beautiful oriental floral motif; 3 are simply white. Another is made of pottery featuring a beautiful blue design
115.This lot contains a pretty yet functional partial set of Royal Heritage porcelain dinnerware with cornflower blue rims and floral accents; pieces included are pictured. Set includes dinner plates, salad plates, small bowls and cup and saucer sets.
116.Lot of simple yet elegant white dinnerware with red rims including 3 dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 4 cup and saucer sets. Lot also includes a Royal Norfolk white plate with red snowflakes. A great way to add a little "holiday" to your table.
117.Lot of 10 small ramekins of assorted sizes and styles. Great for small soufflés or desserts
118.Large lot of 10 beautiful glassware trays, bowls and a pitcher. The perfect set to entertain a crowd!
119.Item removed from auction.
120.Set of 6 beautiful green, red and blue etched crystal wine goblets with clear stems.
121.Lot of 5 white ceramic servingware including a white Corning platter, Gibson covered butter dish, Gibson platter and small pitcher with colorful embossed fruit. This is a great set for everyday use or entertaining.
122.Lot of 4 decorative Oriental items including a large vase, platter, small vase and bowl. The large vase stands approx. 10" tall, bowl is approx 5" tall and platter is approx. 10" in diameter. These items are for decorative purposes only.
123.Large ice bucket with gold-toned finish. Stands approx. 8" tall.
124.Set of 12 large white divided trays. Great for party trays, kids' parties or those picky eaters!
125.Lot of 6 large white soup/cereal bowls with beautiful blue floral accents. Bowls measure approx. 7" across and 3" tall. Each bowl in this set is different.
126.Lot of 6 large white soup/cereal bowls with beautiful blue floral accents. Bowls measure approx. 7" across and 3" tall. Each bowl in this set is different.
127.Set of two elegant serving pieces including a covered cake platter and a matching 12" serving tray with beautiful scalloped rim. This set has a delicate raised floral pattern.
128.Don't miss this beautiful set of 6 etched cocktail glasses. They have a simple floral and leaf motif.
129.You'll love these gorgeous cocktail glasses with a slight fluted rim. They have a slight raised pattern on the bowl
130.This lot includes a fun set of 10 large cocktail glasses. Perfect for champagne or margaritas.
131.This silver serving platter will hold all of your delicious appetizers and snacks. It has a unique tree embossed in the center section. It measures approx. 21" across.
132.Beautiful crystal cracker tray, new in the box
133.Sleek vintage cream and sugar set
134.Cream oriental decorative platter and vase with turquoise and mauve accents. Platter is approx. 8" in diameter and vase is approx. 10" tall. These items are for decorative purposes only.
135.Another beautiful set of oriental decorative items including a bowl and a square platter. Both have maroon and blue accents and a floral motif.
136.Bright red/orange Oriental bowl entitled "Chinese Acrobats" on a dragon pedestal.
137.Bold platter with cobalt blue and gold accents in a regal design. Platter measures approx. 10". Platter is for decorative use only.
138.Set of 2 cereal/soup bowls with geometric patterned rim.
139.This lot includes two black canisters. One is a sleek black ceramic Gevalia coffee canister with a buckle lid. The other is a whimsical black canister with a cork lid and bold white lettering. Both are tastefully simple.
140.Set of heavy silver-toned serving bowls in unique shapes and sizes. These are understated and will work with any party theme. Includes Nambe bowl.
141.This lot includes 3 unique pieces including 2 wooden bowls and a modern silver-toned plate with a fun embossed design.
142.Lot of 5 crystal and glass items including a crystal tumbler, a glass mug, two boot-shaped shot glasses and a crystal toothpick holder.
143.Set of 3 oil and vinegar bottles of varied sizes and styles
144.Lot of 2 +C153serving platters. One is made of melamine and has a brightly colored pepper design. The other is a wooden try with 2 large compartments.
145.This lot contains a glass wine carafe with original tin lid and a large wine glass.
146.Lot of 11 assorted wine stoppers, bottle openers and wine pourers. These are a great addition to any liquor cabinet or wine collection.
147.Lot of 4 items including 2 new sets of paper doilies and 2 sets of comical beverage napkins. Great accessories for your next party!
148.Set of two ornate molded ceramic wine carafes with very detailed grapes and leaves. Each carafe stands 14" tall and they are stamped with "made in Italy" on the bottom.
149.This lot contains 4 items including 2 spoon rests, a small decorative pitcher and a beer stein featuring the University of Arkansas seal.
150.Lot of 6 plates as shown. Great for everyday use.
151.Set of 2 white soup mugs with blue oriental design pattern.
152.Lot of 3 marble serving boards. One is rectangular green marble with a silver-plated Christmas emblem. Another is a round green marble board with a silver plated grape emblem. The last is a large white marble board on gold-toned feet. The large white board is stamped "Made in Italy"
153.Lot of 2 wooden cutting boards in good condition. One is very large (19" long) and the other is smaller (14" long) with a handle
154.This lot contains a long serving platter in warm tones, featuring an elephant. The other piece is a ceramic trivet with blue and yellow flowers from Italy
155.This chip and dip serving dish has a unique free-form shape. This piece is beautiful and functional!
156.Set of 2 crystal serving pieces including a beautiful divided tray with a matching bowl.
157.You can be a champion with this lot of 2 Curtis Swain golf tournament runner-up trophies from 1995 and 1996.
158.This lot contains 3 glass and crystal platters of various sizes and styles. One is made of green glass with an ornate etched border. The other two are clear and understated.
159.This lot includes 4 plastic and acrylic serving trays of assorted sizes and styles. There's a tray for every occasion!
160.Don't pass on these beautiful Mikasa silver-plated and crystal salad serving pieces. Each comes in the original box.
161.This lot includes 2 sets of 4 square crystal napkin rings, new in the box. These are showstoppers for your formal dining table setting
162.This lot includes 2 sets of spreaders and a Merry Christmas pie server.
163.This lot includes 12 gold toned Royal Albert appetizer forks and a serving spoon
164.This lot is ideal for someone setting up a first-time household or heading off to college. It includes several utensils, as pictured, such as tongs, a masher, strainer, and other basic cooking utensils.
165.This lot has 4 items, several are still in the original packaging. Salad spoons, basting brushes, a meat tenderizer and a ceramic vegetable peeler are great additions to any kitchen.
166.Another beautiful oriental decorative item. This bowl has a unique angular rim and is adorned with maroon and blue accents and a floral motif. Matching pieces are featured earlier in this auction.
167.This lot includes a toaster and a blender. These are great for college-bound students!
168.This electric deep fryer is set up and ready for your fries, chicken or any other tasty treats. Lid is not included.
169.Continental electric can opener
170.This elegant fruit and ivy arrangement would make a beautiful centerpiece. It stands approx. 14" tall and is approx. 18" wide.
171.This Black and Decker Toast-R-Oven has a stainless finish, great for the modern kitchen
172.These recipe boxes are ready to hold your favorite recipes and family favorites! Dividers and plenty of blank cards for you to fill.
173.This miscellaneous lot includes a wooden letter holder with a golf emblem, a pretty wire basket and 2 brass dishes, perfect for using as decorative items or for holding or displaying your favorite trinkets
174.This miscellaneous lot includes 4 plastic bowls and 4 soda can "bottle tops".
175.Another great lot for setting up a first apartment. This set includes egg poachers, measuring cups, a funnel, two juicers and an egg slicer
176.This lot is a nice collection of crystal and vintage class salt and pepper shakers. Great for entertaining a large crowd!
177.Lot of 3 glass baking dishes, including a round pie pan, a bread loaf pan and a large casserole dish, all in great condition.
178.Lot of 4 glass pie pans in various sizes
179.Lot of 6 glass lids for Pyrex and Corning bakeware in various shapes, sizes and styles
180.Lot of 3 items including a very large Corning French White 4.5 liter casserole pan and two Pyrex baking dishes
181.This is a unique and very ornate silver chafing dish with a lid and wooden handle. This would be an elegant addition to your buffet.
182.Lot of 4 frying/sauté pans in various sizes and styles. All feature a non-stick coating
183.This lot of pans includes a small sauté pan with an egg poaching insert and a double boiler, perfect for candy making.
184.This lot includes 2 large sauté pans, one with a lid, and a small lidded saucepan.
185.Lot of 4 assorted lids for pans and baking dishes. Great replacements for broken or missing lids!
186.Lot of assorted knives, knife sharpener and other assorted utensils
187.Lot of assorted kitchen items including a vintage hand mixer, a microwave bacon cooker and a small 4 cup coffee pot.
188.Small rectangular 23" x 43" maroon and cream rug, perfect for a small area
189.Beautiful small 45" x 24" area rug with red and cream color scheme and an Oriental motif.
190.Small lot of plastic kitchen items including a lidded bowl, a vintage Tupperware cake-taker and a pitcher with a lid
191.This collection of baskets would be great for serving bread or chips. The larger basket would be perfect for holding a casserole pan
192.This is another collection of baskets that would be great for serving
193.Another great lot of new kitchen items that include assorted graters, a bread slicing guide and a pastry roller
194.This lot contains a new set of suction cup hooks and a brand new Proctor Silex hand mixer
195.This large 4 liter Corning Ware covered dish is a must have for cooking for a large crowd
196.Lot of 4 glass vases in assorted sizes and styles
197.Large lot of small gelatin molds in assorted shapes and styles. 4 appear to be copper, the rest are stainless. Includes over 25 molds.
198.This lot includes the basics of baking: a small muffin pan, a jelly roll pan, and 2 tube pans.
199.More new items! Don't miss these new disposable foil baking pans and lids!
200.This miscellaneous lot of kitchen items includes a like-new ceramic sauté pan with a bamboo-wrapped handle, two glass serving bowls and 8 small plastic molds
201.Don't pass on this lot of 3 holiday serving trays each featuring Santa Claus
202.More beautiful Oriental decorative items including two small bowls, one with a pedestal, and an ornate square dish with a detailed floral scene. All have vibrant blue and red details.
203.This is definitely a conversation piece! This Oriental themed vase depicts warriors engaged in battle. It comes with this beautiful wooden display stand.
204.This lot of Oriental home decorative items include a gorgeous, very detailed bowl, a small urn and a square dish (dish has been broken and repaired).
205.Oriental themed ceramic items including a red bowl with cranes and a colorful platter
206.Lot of 4 Oriental themed items including bowls, two with pedestals, and a brass trinket box with a scene etched in the top
207.Large Black and Decker electric griddle; very clean
208.Black and Decker Smart Brew coffee maker with a stainless pot. Easy to read control panel
209.This miscellaneous lot includes a new blue insulated beverage thermos and assorted light bulbs
210.Large 42" x 30" decorative mirror with gold-toned frame
211.This lot includes a small double towel ring, a crystal soap dish and a new candle in a glass candle tray. Great for a small bathroom or 1/2 bath
212.Set of 2 brass finish wall sconces with silk ivy
213.This signed and numbered artwork is a must-have! It features a floral still-life of beautiful red roses in a clear vase. The red matte and gold-toned frame perfectly accent the roses. Measures 23.5" x 27.5" and includes a certificate of authenticity.
214.The photo doesn't do this picture justice. This print features exotic birds and animals in an outdoor scene with a rich hunter green matte in a gilded frame. Measures approx. 20" x 24"
215.Miscellaneous lot of floral vases
216.Miscellaneous lot of floral vases
217.Miscellaneous lot of floral vases
218.Lot of towels in assorted colors and sizes
219.Lot of towels in assorted colors and sizes
220.Lot of cleaning supplies
221.Lot of laundry supplies
222.Hotpoint washing machine; works and is in good condition
223.Maytag Dryer; works and is in good condition
224.Beautiful gold-toned plated flatware set in a black case. Many pieces are still new in the packaging.
225.Black TV cabinet with 2 shelves and a glass door
226.Large corner desk with slide-out keyboard tray and corner shelf.
227.Honeywell air purifier
229.This is a signed and numbered original piece by artist Mary Bertrand. It depicts a floral still-life of yellow flowers and greenery. Framed art measures 18" x 22".
230.Depiction of a floral still-life with an Oriental tapestry in the background. Dimensions are 31"x41". This piece is double matted in a gold toned frame.
231.This framed print is a depiction of the famed Impressionist painting "Dinner at the Ritz" by Pierre-Georges Jeanniot. This print is double matted in a gold frame. Measures approx. 32" x 42".
232.Framed art depicting a harbor. This piece has a dramatic wide matte. Framed art measures approx. 35"x41". Frame has slight damage in the top left corner.
233.This beautiful piece appears to be a framed Audubon engraving of Carolina Turtle Doves. Framed art measures approx. 22.5" x 26.5
234.This framed piece entitled "Beech Creek" depicts a peaceful creek in bright green tones. Dimensions are 23"x27". The artist of this piece is Ernest Langford.
235.Framed art is a print of Monet's "The Studio Boat" depicting a houseboat floating on a river. Framed art measures 19"x23".
236.This framed print is a depiction of a meeting between General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson before the battle of Chancellorsville during the Civil War. Dimensions are approx. 33"x40".
237.This lot includes a set of two framed sketches, signed by the artist. Dimensions are 11"x13"
238.Another beautiful crystal vase. This little beauty stands 8" tall
239.The lady golfer in your life will love this cast iron doorstop in the shape of an Early 20th Century golfer. She stands approx. 8.5" tall. Fun and functional!
240.This is another striking Oriental themed vase in cream with a cobalt blue dragon theme. It stands 15" tall.
241.This bowl is a great compliment to the previous piece. It is a small bowl in cream featuring a couple painted in blue. It measures 8" in diameter and stands almost 4" tall.
242.This small lidded urn has a crackled cream finish with a blue Asian themed design. It stands approx. 10" tall.
243.This small mid-century coffee table with a glass insert is versatile and could fit in with any style.
244.This beautiful framed art matches another lot in this auction. It is a colorful floral still life in a bold gold and black frame.
245.This framed art depicts fruit on a cream background. It is accented by a white matte and a gold frame. Dimensions are approx. 19"x23"
246.This amazing water color is entitled "The Luxuriance of Pine" by Chinese artist Tseng-Ying Pang. The dimensions of the artwork are approx. 34.5"x34".
247.This vibrant watercolor in a light wood frame would be perfect in a breakfast area or any other room that needs a splash of color. This piece is signed by the artist. Frame measures 23.5"x30".
248.This lot includes 2 small framed prints, one featuring several docked sailboats, the other a street view of several buildings. Each measures approx. 10"x12".
249.This pretty crystal bowl features both cut glass and etchings of flowers around the outside. It sits on delicate legs and stands approx. 8" tall.
250.This tapestry is a must see! It features a floral still life in warm tones. This is a beautiful work of art that will add class to any area of your home.
251.Sterling silver bowl on a pedestal. Stands approx. 5" tall and 5" across.
252.Sterling silver wine goblet, standing approx. 7" tall
253.Sterling silver fluted candleholders with a raised band near the rim. These would be beautiful on a mantle or buffet. These candlesticks stand 6" and 8" tall.
254.This sterling candlestick has an octagonal shaft and stands approx. 8" tall.
255.This small Reed and Barton sterling silver dish stands only 3" tall and measures 4" in diameter. This would make a great little candy dish or could hold a small pillar candle.
256.This stunning, Royal Winton "Marguerite" personal tea set is adorned with colorful wildflowers and gold accents. Great for serving tea or as a decorative splash of color on a counter or shelf.
257.Set of 8 sterling silver votive cups. Each measures approx. 2.5" across
258.Silver serving tray measures approx. 12.5" in diameter
259.This octagonal silver Reed and Barton pitcher is as unique as it is beautiful. It stands approx. 11" tall
260.Silver dish with an ornate decorative rim and detailed scrollwork. Measures approx. 12" long and 8" wide.
261.Another beautiful silver dish with a decorative ribbed rim and matching lid. Measures approx. 12" long and 8" wide.
262.Set of 7 brass-finish charger plates made in India, measuring approx. 12" in diameter
263.Lot of 4 brass decorative items including 2 small plates, a bowl and a small urn. These would pair well with pillar candles, floral arrangements or potpourri.
264.Small sterling silver Prelude cup with a pedestal bottom
265.silver bowl with ornate "feet" on the bottom and a scalloped rim with cut-out details
266.Silver plated bowl with a pedestal base.
267.Stately Federal Style mahogany antique hutch, circa 1800's, with etched glass in the doors and a glossy finish. This piece came from the original Temple plantation.
268.First of 2 candlestick lamps with brass finish and a white-on-cream paisley lamp shade. Lamp stands approx. 33" tall.
269.This antique 4 drawer secretary has a dark finish and rests on casters for ease of movement. Stands approx. 43" tall, 34.5" across and 19" deep.
270.Second of 2 candlestick lamps with brass finish and a white-on-cream paisley lamp shade. Lamp stands approx. 33" tall.
271.End table with an octagonal with white marble top. It is a simple design with a dark finish. Table top is approx. 26" across and 29" tall.
272.One of two: Ornately carved Federal Style antique chair with a compartment under the seat. Chair stands approx. 48.5" high and 19" across. Underseat compartment needs repair.
273.Beautiful Victorian armchair with gold velour upholstery stands about 42" tall, is approx. 30" across and 33" deep.
274.Dark wood table lamp with square column base and white square cut corner shade
275.Antique Victorian rocker on casters with gold floral velour upholstery. Chair measures approx 22.5" across.
276.Maple-finish drop leaf console table with tapered legs. Table top is approx. 34" across (17" when leaf is dropped).
277.Large 10'x18' area rug with intricate floral patter in blues, mauves and greens on an ivory background.
279.Area rug with ivory, blue and gold floral pattern on a maroon background. Measures approx. 60"x94"
280.Regal Federal-style wooden armchair with gold satin cushion. Chair has a carved, shield-like back. This chair would be a great addition to an office or formal living or dining room
281.Vintage-look floral print in a black and gold oval frame. Measures 27"x33"
282.Framed original watercolor of a boat on shore, signed by artist Charles Colombo. Painting is in neutral browns and is encased in a gold-toned frame. Dimensions are approx. 23"x28".
283.Simple watercolor of a home in the countryside painted in gray and black strokes. Artwork is painted and signed by M. Lenau. Dimensions are 25"x31".
284.Framed photograph of a white lotus flower with dark turquoise frame. Measures approx. 21.5"x25"
285.One of two, you'll love this beautiful watercolor of sailboats in a harbor, signed by the artist. Measures approx. 25"x31".
286.The second in a set, this is another watercolor of sailboats in a harbor, signed by the artist. Measures approx. 25"x31".
287.Framed print of the famous Van Gogh painting 'The Café Terrace". Dimensions are approx. 18"x22"
288.Framed print of the famous Monet painting "Le Jardin a Vetheuil". Dimensions are approx. 18"x22".
289.Framed print of a fan adorned with red flowers. Matte is khaki with a dark cherry frame. Artwork is 24" square.
290.Elegant print of a Dalhart Windberg painting depicting a wine glass and pearls in front of a red satin backdrop. It has an oval matte and a bright gold frame. This piece is signed and numbered by the artist himself and includes a certificate of authenticity.
291.Oval silver-plated tray with raised rim and engraved bottom. Measures 10.5"x14.5"
292.Decorative white and red Spode collector plate depicting the "Warwick Vase". Measures approx. 10.5" in diameter.
293.Bright and cheerful serving tray in white ceramic with blue and yellow floral pattern. Dimensions are approx. 14"x7"
294.Decorative green collector plate entitled "Imperial Malachite" from the Lynn Chase Designs collection.
295.Large silver plated serving tray with a tree embossed in the center. Dimensions are approx. 20"x14". This item matches a lot listed earlier in this auction.
296.Octagonal brass ash tray, made in India, measuring approx. 8" in diameter.
297.10.5" brass serving tray with a floral wreath engraved in the center and a raised floral rim.
298.Large sterling silver tray with handles. This beauty has a floral pattern engraved in the bottom and a scalloped rim with a raised flora pattern. Dimensions are 14"x23".
299.Federal Style low poster king headboard (mattress not included)
300.Small cherry 3-drawer night stand; Measures 22" wide and 16" deep
301.Small cherry 3-drawer night stand
302.Contemporary black Mission style dresser and mirror; measures approx. 69" in length and approx. 19" deep
303.Contemporary espresso Mission style night stand with silver hardware
304.Contemporary flat screen television stand with glass shelves; 50" wide
305.Small, traditional one drawer night stand with Queen Anne style legs
306.Chippendale style coffee table with glass inset. Dimensions are 37" long by 19" wide
307.Large sofa with bold floral pattern measuring approx. 88" long
308.Large traditional style cherry finished 7 drawer chest with gold hardware. Stands 52" tall, 38" wide and 18" deep.
309.One of two: Cut glass table lamp with gold base and large cream drum lamp shade; stands 28" tall
310.Two of two: Cut glass table lamp with gold base and large cream drum lamp shade; stands 28" tall
311.Crystal ashtray; measures 5" across
312.Vintage Henredon end table with medium finish. Has one drawer and amazing fluted tapered legs.
313.Beautiful silver serving dish with lid and decorative floral rim. Measures 11" long by 9" wide
314.Silver plated bowl with a pedestal base, measuring 7.5" in diameter
315.Silver casserole serving tray. Pan fits inside of tray for a polished, formal look; measures 11" x 16.5"
316.Shallow silver plated bowl with decorative rim; 10" in diameter
317.Silver serving tray with engraved pattern; 12" in diameter
318.Beautiful round silver plated serving tray; 11" in diameter
319.Amazing painted silk painting of a landscape covering 4 separate panels. Entire piece measures approx. 71"x36"
320.Loveseat with gold/brown striped sateen upholstery. Measures 52" long and 27" tall
321.Vintage gold Henredon upholstered sofa with white trim on the frame and cushions; 84" long and 28" tall
322.Lot of 3 accent pillows in warm tones of red and green and fringe accents. The two square pillows are reversible, as shown.
323.Bold leopard print ottoman with Queen Anne style legs
324.This wingback chair is richly upholstered in reds and greens
325.Vintage hole-to-hole backed chair with red upholstered cushions with medium brown finish
326.Brass-finished fireplace screen (andirons sold separately)
327.Stately brass-finished andirons
328.Brass-finished fireplace tools
329.Brass finished table lamp with ivory drum shade
330.Ceramic lamp with Oriental painted design and a dark wood base.
331.Tall brass finish candlestick lamp with an ornate base and a white shade; stands approx. 30" tall
332.Glass table lamp with ivory shade; stands approx. 26" tall
333.Decorative plate with Oriental flair, featuring a colorful peacock on a red background; approx. 13" in diameter
334.Oriental themed bowl. Painted in black lacquer with gold accents depicting two ladies in an outdoor scene; 8" in diameter
335.Brass pitcher; made in India; approx. 11.5" tall
336.Small colorful Oriental bowl featuring a pair of birds; rests on a wooden pedestal.
337.Partial set of "Library of Southern Literature" collection; published in the early 1900's
338.6 volumes of "The London Shakespeare" collection
339.Small brass urn with rounded base
340.10 volumes of the "Foundation Stones of Success" collection
341.15 volumes of the "Dickens Works" collection
342.Small brass serving pot with long spoon; currently used as a decorative item
343.Lot of 3 books, including Doctor Zhivago, Eleven Plays of Henrik Ibsen and 100 Years, 100 Stories by George Burns
344.Set of cast iron book ends with literary quotes by E. B. Browning and William Shakespeare.
345.Lot of 3 books, including Land of the Little Angel; A History of Angelina County, Texas, Treasuries of Britain and The Secret of the Pilgrim by John le Carre'
346.Crystal vase with ribbed base and etched flowers at the rim; stands approx. 11" tall and is approx. 6" in diameter at the top opening.
347.Pair of gold plated candlesticks with a base resembling Roman columns. Each stands approx. 9" tall. Including the candle, each stands approx. 14.5" tall
348.Gold-toned lidded trinket box. Features raised details depicting what may be religious events; approx. 10" long x 5" wide
349.Set of small colorful Oriental bowls, each on a decorative base; perfect for display or decoration
350.Lot of two decorative items including a crystal vase with a gold rim and a gold-dipped rose. Pair them together for a beautiful display on a desk or shelf.
351.Lot of 3 decorative items including a small brass urn with handles, a white ceramic vase and a small crystal votive candle holder
352.Small decorative white ceramic urn filled with fruit painted in a cobalt blue glaze. Great for adding a touch of color to your decor. Made in Italy.
353.Lot of 5 vintage books from the "Dickens' Works" collection (more of the set is included in a lot earlier in this auction).
354.Lot of 10 vintage books including Twelfth Night, Night-Runners of Bengal and 8 more volumes of stories from Dickens' Works.
355.Lot of 4 glass candlesticks with hexagonal bases; each stands approx. 8" tall
356.Lot of 2 glass candlesticks with hexagonal bases; each stands approx. 5.5" tall
357.Set of 2 striking crystal candlesticks with square bases that taper up to a fluted cup. Each stands approx. 10" tall
358.Set of 2 crystal candlesticks with a hexagonal base tapering up to a circular collars and a square cup. Each stands approx. 9" tall. A beautiful addition to your formal dinner table setting.
359.Carving of an Oriental woman in traditional robes. Label states it is "Gemstone". Statuette stands approx. 13.5" tall
360.Small crystal "Fifth Avenue Crystal" votive candle holder, new in the box; stands approx. 4" tall and opening is 4" in diameter.
361.Lot of 4 items including a colorful statuette of an Oriental woman, two gold pillar candles and a gilded trinket box
362.Set of 2 ceramic sheep figurines standing approx. 8" tall. These unique pieces were made in England.
363.Lot of 2 items including a small brass urn on a wooden pedestal and a colorful ceramic figurine of a woman with a Chinese lantern. Urn stands approx. 9" tall, figurine is approx. 11" tall
364.Carving of an Oriental man in traditional robes. Label states it is "Gemstone". Statuette stands approxb13.5" tall
365.Tall brightly colored ceramic bird figurine standing approx. 13" tall
366.Vintage cast iron bird vessel with lid; dimensions are approx. 6" long and 6" tall
367.Second of 2 black lamps with a column-shaped based and a white cut corner square shade
368.Candle display with wire leaf and beaded berry accents. 23" long
369.Second tall brightly colored ceramic bird figurine standing approx. 13" tall
370.Lot of 2 items including a small brass bowl filled with potpourri and a white ceramic urn with fruit painted in a cobalt blue glaze.
371.Green upholstered armchair
372.Framed print of a city scene in a dark finished frame; dimensions are approx. 23" by 17"
373.Glass topped coffee table with a gold metal frame resembling bamboo; measures 54" long x 18" wide
374.Wood and iron baker's rack (items on rack are not included); measures 76" tall, 38" wide and 16.5" deep
375.Lot of 3 items including 2 small oriental vases on wooden pedestals and a brass lidded urn with handles
376.Lot of 2 brass items including a vase with blue and red cording and tassels and a small ash bin with ceramic handles
377.Green marble cube with a pewter tee and golf ball. Great decorative item for a golfer's office or trophy shelf
378.Lot of two decorative items including two white ceramic candlesticks with blue floral accents and a matching ceramic lidded bowl on a pedestal.
379.Body Power inversion table
380.Brass bowl with artificial ivy
381.Beautiful, airy silk floral arrangement in a glass vase. Arrangement features silk stargazer lilies, irises and roses.
382.Lot of 2 silk arrangements; One features red mums in an Oriental vase. The other is a pink orchid in a green ceramic bowl.
383.Floral arrangement with mauve flowers in a brass container
384.Crystal pedestal bowl filled with potpourri
385.Silk floral arrangement featuring pink lilies in a crystal vase
386.Solid wood 2 door hutch in a medium finish
387.Set of 2 tall brass candlesticks with new white beeswax pillar candles. Including the candles, these stand 23" tall.
388.Tall, think black Oriental vase with heavy gold and red painted accents. Stands approx. 16.5" tall
389.Colorful ceramic dish on a gold-tone metal stand. Dish features a whimsical scene of monkeys and elephants; on the stand, the dish measures approx. 6.5" tall
390.14" tall white ceramic vase with blue accents
391.Floral arrangement with red flowers in a glass vase on a wooden pedestal
392.2 tall brass candlesticks with very detailed accents. Each stands approx. 17" tall
393.Set of 2 brass candlesticks with red floral design on shaft. Includes two new 8" red pillar candles. Candlesticks stand approx. 9" tall
394.Lot of 2 small wooden trinket boxes painted black with ornate scenes painted on the lids. Each measures 4"x 5"
395.Decorative black porcelain plate with gold and white accents; Measures 10" in diameter
396.Lot of 2 brass items including a small bowl and a small ash bin, both filled with potpourri
397.Vintage black rotary telephone
398.Decorative yellow Japanese porcelain bowl featuring fruit on a wooden pedestal; the bowl on the stand is approx. 7" tall
399.Set of 2 small porcelain trays painted with vibrant colors. Each measures 5"x8.5"
400.Covered silver serving dish, approx. 11" long by 8" wide
401.Silver plated casserole serving tray (casserole dish sits in rim). Measures 18" long by 9.5" wide
402.Shallow silver tray, great for serving bread or crackers; measures 14" long and 6.5" wide
403.Lot of 2 small silver serving trays; both measure approx. 13" long
404.Silver charger plate, approx. 10" in diameter
405.Round Reed and Barton silver serving tray with scalloped edges, approx. 13" in diameter
406.Large 15" round silver serving tray with engraved bottom
407.Oval Reed and Barton silver serving tray with scalloped edges, approx. 11" long by 8" wide
408.Round Reed and Barton silver serving platter measuring approx. 12" in diameter
409.Reed and Barton oval silver serving platter with a wooden insert. Measures 16.5" long
410.Elongated silver serving tray in an octagonal shape measuring approx. 17" long and 11" wide
411.Lot of 3 silver plated items including 2 small round Lovelace dishes with a cut-out design and an elongated shallow Chippendale tray, measuring 6" wide
412.Silver plated covered butter dish
413.Beautiful Reed and Barton shallow silver bowl
414.Silver gravy boat and tray
415.Collared silver bowl with intricate embossed pattern around the rim, measuring 9.5" in diameter and 3" tall
416.Reed and Barton silver plated serving tray with a tree embossed in the center; approx. 16" long and 12" wide
417.Silk peace lily in a woven wicker planter
418.Beautiful silk magnolia arrangement in a ceramic Oriental-style vase
419.Small Drexel end table
420.Large mirror in a gold-toned frame; measures approx. 36.5" x 45.5"
421.Lot of 3 ceramic items including 2 small dishes and an ashtray from Galveston Island
422.Lot of 2 cookbooks including The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook and Reader's Digest Great Recipes for Good Health
423.Silver plated wine bottle coaster
424.Large silk ficus tree in a woven wicker basket
425.Navy upholstered wing back chair with matching ottoman
426.Small area rug
427.Dark finished rattan chair with burgundy and navy cushions and matching pillows
428.Colorful green and black Bombay 3-drawer dresser; measures 36" wide and 16" deep
429.Drexel formal dining table with a cherry finish; includes 6 chairs
430.Small 3 drawer chest with gold hardware; measures approx. 26" wide, 16" deep and 31" tall
431.Large framed print of a floral still life
432.Set of 4 cherry finished TV tray set
433.Rattan end table with dark finish and Formica top
434.Large table lamp with brown base and tall ivory drum shade
435.Round rattan table with 4 chairs
436.Small black chest with gold accents depicting a simple Asian outdoor scene; dimensions are 24" wide, 12" deep and 32.5" tall
437.One of two square end table with a dark finish
438.Two of two square end table with a dark finish
439.Dark finished rattan chair with burgundy and navy cushions and matching ottoman
440.Rattan end table with dark finish and Formica top
441.Tall brass lamp with a tall ivory shade
442.Large mirror in an ornate gold-toned frame; measures 52" wide x 42" tall
443.Rattan chair with gold cushion
444.Large rattan couch with gold cushions and matching throw pillows; measures approx. 93.5" long
445.Large framed signed painting of cactus plants with yellow and red flowers; measures approx. 50" x 30"
446.We apologize. This item was supposed to have been removed from the sale. All bids will be removed. We apologize for any inconvenience.
447.Large ficus tree in a brass pot
448.Silk ivy in a black Oriental-style pot on a wooden stand
449.Shallow basket with a handle in a dark brown finish
450.Brass pot, perfect for use as a plant container
451.Framed print of a palm tree; measures 18" x 23"
452.Medium sized red and black area rug with colorful accents; measures approx. 5' x 8.5'
453.Black glass trinket box with antique gold accents
454.Small yellow ceramic bird
455.Small Buddhist statue with red and gold accents
456.Long red and gold tapestry table runner (statue sold separately)
457.Henredon formal dining table with 8 chairs
458.Small ivory area run with pink and yellow flowers
459.Small brass decorative planter
460.Lot of 2 items including a brass urn and a silk orchid in a glass dish
461.Set of 2 wooden chairs on rollers with ivory cushions
462.Large Broyhill solid wood armoire
463.Metal and wicker chair with an ivory cushion
464.Queen Anne style dining chair with a hole on hole wicker seat bottom
465.Small occasional table with dark finish
466.Hole to hole wicker cane backed arm chair with ivory cushion
467.Ivory upholstered bench with padded seat and back
468.Small wooden end table with one drawer and Queen Anne style legs. Has a medium glossy finish.
469.Brass finished table lamp with ivory drum shade
470.Large upholstered sleeper sofa in red, green and blue plaid
471.Small wooden end table with one drawer and Queen Anne style legs. Has a medium glossy finish.
472.Mid 1800's marble topped antique dresser with heavily carved tall-boy mirror. Amazing construction that includes dove-tail drawer joints
473.Mid 1800's antique bed with heavily carved headboard.
474.Small two drawer solid wood night stand with medium wood finish
475.Solid wood 2 door end table with carved bamboo-look trim in a medium finish
476.Navy upholstered loveseat with matching pictures
477.Men's suit valet stand in a light cherry finish
478.Casual wooden arm chair with ivory seat cushion in maple finish
479.Christmas centerpiece with brass candle and gold-tipped flowers and greenery and gold eucalyptus, finished off with a gold bow
480.Wicker cornucopia spilling with silk fall leaves
481.Lot of miscellaneous candles including pillars and votives, many are new in the package
482.Lot of miscellaneous items in cabinet including music CD's, small floral arrangements and candles
483.Tall brass lamp with a ivory shade
484.Unique brass lamp with twisted base and a black shade
485.Set of 7 leopard print placemats
486.Beveled mirror table runner
487.Box of new mauve beeswax taper candles
488.Set of 8 bright yellow woven placemats
489.Set of 4 green color block napkins
490.Set of 4 green woven placemats
491.Set of 3 yellow placemats
492.Set of 8 ivory embroidered placemats
493.Set of 8 Member's Mark red charger plates in the original box
494.Lot of yellow napkins in assorted styles
495.Lot of ivory napkins in assorted styles
496.Lot of green placemats and ivory and green napkins
497.Vintage menu from a European restaurant
498.Small bright green ceramic vase depicting a bird
499.Set of 4 expresso-finished backless stools
500.Hoover "Quick Broom" bagless vacuum cleaner
501.Brunswick wooden, full-sized pool table in need of repair
502.Long pastel runner measuring 2.5'x12'
503.Sturdy metal shelving unit with 5 shelves
504.White Estate refrigerator
505.Nesco 18 qt electric roasting oven
506.Framed collage with a photo of a golfer and a plaque stating "Curtis Swain Golf Tournament Winner 1992"
507.Electric lift-chair system for traveling up and down stairs
508.Director's chair with blue canvas seat and back
509.Upholstered chair with green latticework fabric and wooden legs
510.Rolling golf cart
511.Set of 2 Jensen speakers
512.Set of 3 simple antique wooden sitting chairs in a cherry finish with a red and gold cushions
513.One of two: White wicker rocking chair with a green floral cushion
514.White wicker loveseat with a green floral cushion
515.Woven wicker trunk
516.White wicker end table with a single drawer
517.Small white wicker chair with a red cushion
518.White wicker bookcase with 3 shelves
519.Lot of miscellaneous Christmas greenery
520.Lot of miscellaneous books including Major Writers of America, Rome and the Romans and Something of Value
521.Lot of miscellaneous books including From Pinafores to Politics, The Supersalesman and Emerson's Essays
522.Lot of miscellaneous books including A Preface to Morals, Don’t Go Near the Water and The Working Principles of Rhetoric
523.Lot of miscellaneous books including From Here to Eternity, Captains Courageous and The Mind of Jesus
524.Lot of miscellaneous books including The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill, Gentle Julia and A Friend of Caesar
525.Lot of miscellaneous books including JFK: The Man and the Myth, A Man Called Peter and Invisible Man
526.Lot of miscellaneous books including 6 books from the "Library of Southern Literature"
527.Lot of 9 books from the World Book Encyclopedia collection
528.Lot of 6 books from the New Standard Encyclopedia collection
529.Lot of miscellaneous books including The Best of Robert Benchley, All the President's Men and Lord Peter
530.Lot of miscellaneous books including Game Fish, Pageant of Life and Triumph and Tragedy
531.Lot of miscellaneous books including Soldier of Fortune, The Blue Flower and The Life of Greece
532.White wicker rocking chair with a navy blue cushion
533.Set of two framed prints from the Steinlen Vintage Collection depicting famous French posters
535.Two of two: White wicker rocker with green floral cushion
536.White wicker chair with blue plaid cushion. Back of the chair is damaged
537.Amazing Antique Victorian Sofa in excellent condition. Springs and upholstery are all in very good shape. Would make a wonderful addition to any home, office, or an amazing photography studio addition.
538.Amazing highly carved in excellent condition Victorian Armchair.
539.Amazing solid wood computer desk / with hutch.
540.Set of 4 crystal wine glasses in perfect condition
541.Set of 4 crystal wine glasses in perfect condition
542.Large beveled glass black framed mirror
543.Large lot of miscellaneous items as seen in picture
544.Vintage tumblers with gilded map of world.
545.Lot of miscellaneous glassware
546.Lot of blue hue stem glasses
547.Large lot of green glasses.
548.Lot of 3 pc of glassware including gold rimmed winter scenes and etched stemware.
549.Set of 4 etched stemware.
550.Set of 4 Vaseline stemware
551.Lot of 8 wine glasses
552.Lot of 8 wine glasses
553.Set of 7 glasses
555.We appologize, this item is was not supposed to be up for auction.
556.Bar height table
557.Beautiful Drop Leaf table with amazing turned legs.
558.Beautiful Framed mirror


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