Lufkin Auction House
Closed: LONG TIME RESIDENTS Bob and Linda Poland are moving from their Harmony Hill home of 20 plus years. Don't miss this estate sale! ATTENTION: BEGINS CLOSING AT 3PM ----------------- WE SHIP ALL ROCK AND ROLL MEMORABILIA ART AND JEWELRY COST OF MATERIALS AND SHIPPING PLUS $5 HANDLING PER ITEM - Accepting online bids from Wednesday January 25th through Sunday January 29th Auction will begin to close at 3pm on January 29 at a rate of 4 items per minute

Item Description
B.Extended Bidding: All of our events have extended bidding which prevents last minute outbidding also known as "SNIPING". If the high bidder of an item changes during the last 5 minutes before an item closes then that item's bidding will be extended for 5 minutes to allow other bidders to continue bidding until there is no change in high bidder. REFRESH THE CLOCK. All items during the last day will have a clock that states when that item will close. You need to hit refresh often to make sure your clock is accurate.
1.Vintage wooden back church pew/bench measuring approximately 53 inches long by 4 feet tall
2.Woodstock Poster See additional pics for close ups of signatures
3.This piece is approximately 17.5" x 21.5". And depicts a wintry mix in garden
4.Artwork: Approximately 25" x 31" this beautiful matted and framed picture depicts horse-drawn buggy approaching building in field outlined by a wonderful frame . Have tag on the back with item number TRD 1594C TITLE FANO-c215
5.Rather large piece of fine art on canvas depicting harbor surrounded by what appeared to be villas. Frame is approximately 45 inches x 33 inches
6.Artist proof by the Philip Burke depicting composer at grand piano. Approximately 25 inches tall by 19 inches wide:
7.In very good condition brown leather rocker/recliner
8.Beautifully framed painting of house on edge of Mountain Lake approximately 15.5" x by 13 inch tall. The artist is win and Bill Bartow in the name of the painting is Hambro church in Norway painted in 1972 given to Ruby Hobart
9.Small metal and glass jewelry box with an opalescent depiction of a cherub
10.Signed album by ROY ORBISON AND Johny Cash Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis
11.Beautiful etching of city buildings. Displayed in the frame that is approximately 19 1/2 inches tall by 15 1/2 inches wide this drawing is a beautiful depiction of potentially 19th century Europe:
12.Beautifully framed art work depicting landscape. Artist name is in additional pictures. The piece is approximately 17" x 18" wide.
13.The Concert for Blangla Desh Signed Eric Clapton - Billy Preston - Ravi hankar - Bob Dylan - Ringo Star - Leon Russell - George Harrison - Frame is apx 15in by 18in
14.Herman's Hermits On Tour Signed by Peter Noone Framed is apx 18 by 15in And comes with Rock Merchandise, Memorabilia and Autographs. This signed album cover is double matted and comes with engraved nameplate
15.Measuring apx 22 by 16 this framed Contract and Photo have Bill Haley autograph. Contains Lyzon Nashville nameplate on back.
16.Autographed SHOWDOWN ablum cover signed by Albert Collins Robert Cray and Johnny Copeland. Apx 15 in by 15 in
17.Autographed Never Kick a Sleeping Dog Cover by Mitch Ryder apx 15in by 15in
18.Autographed Bob Seger Album Cover apx 15in by 15 in
19.Framed artwork titled "View of Granada ( Spain ) - by cartographer George Braum – 16th century. Approximately 17 1/2 inches tall by 21 1/2 inches wide
20.Leonard Jusepe - Juliers Surrender. Religion was foil on panel currently at Madrid Spain. Approximately 17 1/2 inches tall by 21 inches wide
21.View of Alhama Spain - by cartographer George Braum 16th century
22.Lot of 3 colorful wooden beaded necklaces
23.Drawing and coloring of squirrel on branches and frame see additional pictures for artist signature. Approximately 23" x 19";
24.Beautifully framed with double mat display for birds on each corner of decorative tile. Approximately 25" x 25" in size. The piece is called Fruitful Aries II;
25.Beautifully framed with double mat Display for birds on each corner of decorative tile. Approximately 25" x 25" in size. The piece is called Fruitful Aries II;
26.Approximately 21" x 27" this framed piece the pics can now running to the city with bridge
27.Set of two large chairs perfect for any parlor or casual sitting area
28.Framed and signed by artist see additional pictures for details. This piece is 21" x 27" long.
29.Turquoise drop earrings and matching ring set
30.Large Hour Glass
31.Beautifully framed mirror approximately 12" x 12"
32.Framed mirror approximately 11" x 11" panel
33.Decoration: gilded frame containing mirror approximately 30 inches long by 26 1/2 inches wide three additional pics for close-up of Frame
34.Small painting on canvas depicting European canal
35.Framed photo titled Hidden Beauty. Limited edition number 338
36.Unique trinket box featuring an abstract porcelain shape encased in silver; approx. 4" x 3"
37.Approximately three 38" x 46" is framed artwork sketch of lady in theater. : 1186
38.Beautiful framed artwork of sunflowers in vase. Limited Ed number 184 of 500 Titled "Oriental Sun Flower" - Unit is apx 35 in by 30 in.
39.Beautiful framed artwork of sunflowers in vase. Limited Ed number 336 of 500 Titled "Porcelain Vase III" - Unit is apx 35 in by 30 in.
40.Large metal decorative framed mirror with flowers adorning the sides. Apx 79in tall by 42in wide.
41.Set of two large arm chairs perfect for any parlor or casual sitting area
42.Portrait of child with necklace - apx 17x 15
43.Metal jewelry holder in the shape of a tree; stands approx. 23" tall
44.Large John Lennon Poster
45.Very nice antique sidboard back piece. Appears to be solid oak. Unit is apx 59x21 - see additional pics for closeups - Unit is apx 5ft x 21in tall
46.Large ceramic decorative urn with dual handles apx 14inches tall by apx 10in wide
47.Pair of black vases apx 13 in tall
48.Set of three weathered candle holder
49.Pair of metal candlesticks and cast iron statue of of Liberty standing apx 13in tall
50.Lot of 3 jewelry items including 2 silver toned rhinestone bracelets and a silver necklace
51.Wooden carved candle holder and pillar candle standing apx 17in tall
52.Large imitation green leaf potted plant standing apx 9 ft tall
53.Apx 31x25 in. This framed art depicts still life of flowers on table. Has Hathaway's Distinctive Home Furnishing Dallas Tag on back. Crafted by Franklin Picture Co
54.Drinking set with amazing burl wood looking soft covers.
55.Beautiful queen Anne style elongated table perfect for use in the large space or entryway. This table is approximately 71 inches long by 20 inches deep and 30 inches tal
56.Metal shaped buffalo candle holder Standing apx 12in tall and 17in long
57.Gold hoop earrings, new in box
58.Framed autographs of Kelly Isley, Ronnie Isley, Rudolph Isley, Ernie Isley - Frame is apx 10 x 17in
59.Columbia Records Signed album cover believed to be signed by Quancy Jones. Frame is 9in by 19in
60.Autographed April Wine album covern - 15in by 18in
61.A cut signature double matted with an album cover, "as we know him" Autographed B. J. Thomas framed Album cover
62.Commemorative plaque presented to Ralph Carroll for 1,000,000 copies of "Get Lucky"
63.Signatures of Chuck Portz and Mark Vollman Double matted with an album cover ( You Baby / Let me Be) and Engraved. Rock Merchandise Memorabilia& Autographs 16in by 23in
64.Album cover signed by Grand Funk Railroad
65.Decorative Chimp reading book apx 8in tall
66.Standing apx 70in and spanning apx 32in wide this heavy iron candle holder makes a wonderful statement for any home or business.
67.AMAZING! Decorative metal screen with stylized leaves throughout. VERY heavy and high quality artisanship here. Over 6ft tall and a showpiece of this auction
68.Decorative floral in footed brash display standing apx 33 in tall
69.Costume jewelry set from India; new in package
70.Decorative candle holder with fall themed floral arrangment base
71.Brass Fireplace Screen. Each section is apx 3ft tall and 13in wide
72.Lot of 3 baskets
73.Beautiful accent table with decorative masks. The look has a feel of a Roman Colleseum with marble top. Please note the small stains on left side of picture. May be able to be removed. Table is 32in wide and 29 in tall
74.Costume jewelry set from India; new in package; has broken drop in center (pictured)
75.Signed poster by John Mellencamp
76.Elvis Presley Gold 25th Anniversary 1968 Comeback Special. December 3 1968 24KT Gold Plated etched Disk limited edition number 35. Framed work is 20in by 16in.
77.Autographed "You're a Big Boy Now" movie soundtrack Album double matted with an engraved nameplate. by John Sebastian.
78.Signed Pretenders album cover
79.Air Supply framed record to Commemorate the sale of more than 1,000,000 copies of Arista Records. Long Playing Record Album "Greatest Hits"
80.John Cougar Mellencamp Uh-Huh record to commemorate 1 million copies of the Uh Huh Polygram Records
81.Billy Joel and Columbia Records Thank Ralph Carroll for his suport of The Stranger and 52nd Street. Framed 20in by 17in
82.Presented to Ralph Carroll To commemorate Barbra Streisand "Memories". Frame is 21in x 17in
83.Alexander O'Neal's HEARSAY framed album Presented to Ralph Carrol in recognition of 500,000 albums sold.
84.Antique hardwood hole to hole cane seat chair
85.Bentwood spindle chair
86.Beautiful antique chair with artistic inlay and carved spindle back. Features amzing carved footing and patina that is very nicely shaded. Arms are apx 24 in wide
87.Costume jewelry set from India
88.Amazing Black topped heavily carved wooden base coffee table. Don't miss out on this one. Dim are apx 4ft by 4ft.
89.Beautiful Decantor apx 9.5in tall
90.Sterling silver geometric patterned jewelry set with vibrant blue and green stones. Includes a neclkas, earrings and bracelet
91.Garth Brooks Poster
92.Lot of three assorted comic books featuring Star Comics "Star Wars Droids", Continuity Comics "Armor" and Continuity Comics "Toy Boy", all circa 1980's
93.Lot of 4 Marvel comic books including "Sectaurs", "The New Mutants" and The Micronauts, all circa 1980's
94.Lot of 4 assorted comic books including Marvel "The New Defenders" and "Marvel Saga" anad Star Comics "Inhumanoids" and "Animax", circa 1980's
95.Lot of 4 Marvel comic books including "Daredevil", "The Punisher", "Starriors" and "Robotix", circa 1980's
96.Lot of 5 Marvel "G.I. Joe" comic books, circa 1980's
97.Lot of 6 Marvel "G.I. Joe: Special Missions" comic books, circa 1980's
98.Crystal covered dish with bird patterns throughout. It is apz 7in wide
99.Set of two crystal candy dishes apx 6 in wide
100.Large glass bowl apx 9 in wide
101.Tall Crystal glass decantur with amazing brilliant topper that apx 17in tall - item is stamped BLOCK Don't believe this topper goes with the actual bottom.
102.Vintage bowl apx 9 in wide
103.Lot of miscellaneous costume jewelry pins with gold and silver finishes
104.Glass tray apx 10 in wide
105.Shallow serving tray apx 11in long
106.Beautiful 4 section serving tray. Apx 8in wide by 12in long
107.Beautiful artistic ruffled edge bowl. Apx 8in across
108.Vintage patterned antique armchair with rollers 1 of 2.
109.Amazing crystal pedistal dish apx 10 in across and 5in tall
110.Cameo jewelry set featuring white cameo stones and rhinestone detailing
111.Presented to Ralph Carrol-WNKS To commorate the sale of more than 1 million copies of Keith Sweat's "Make it last forever"
112.Presented to Ralph Carroll to recognize 500,000 sales of AUTOGRAPH'S Sign in Please
113.Expose Plaque presented to Ralph Carroll
114.Signed EDDIE MONEY album cover
115.Signed poster by Barry Blum
116.Crystal Ashtray apx 8in across
117.Set of 5 glass candle bases. Each one measures apx 2 1/4 in across. Label on bottom reads: Point A LA Ligne Made in Europe
118.Small etched glass creamer
119.Amazing green ruffled edge Compote Pedestal Bowl. Apx 11in across and 9 in tall
120.Vintage cream and sugar set with gold handled tea cup
121.Lot of 3 watches in assorted styles and - including Vintage Seiko Lady's watch
122.Small crystal bowl apx 6in wide
123.New in Box. Heart shaped photo frame standing apx 8 in tall
124.Serving tray with amazing detailed rope design around edges. Apx 16in wide.
125.Beautiful grape and grapevine pitcher apx 10in tall
126.Vintage patterned antique armchair with rollers 2 of 2.
127.Arthur Court serving tray apx 14 in long
128.Lot of 3 necklaces featuring wood and stone beading in assorted colors, finishes and styles, as shown
129.Signed plaque with album cover "Sam the Sham"
130.Boz Scaggs signed album cover
131.Cyndi Lauper Signed Album cover
132.Signed Jackson Browne`
133.Vintage Arthur Court Dip and chip tray. Apx 14 in wide
134.Set of two TOWLE bowls both labeled The Pintel Collection both measuring apx 5in across
135.Arthur Court CHEETAH Shoeshorn 1998
136.2002 Arthur Court Cracker Tray
137.Apx 18in long this vintage Arthur Court tray would make a great addition to anyones collection
138.Lot of 2 silver toned necklaces in assorted styles and lengths
139.Arthur Court sugar scoop and wine stopper
140.Large lot of misc serving dishes and items
141.AMAZING: Don't let this one pass you buy. It could use a good cleaning but it definitely has amazing potential Click on item for additional pictures 18ft 4 inches long by 11ft 8in wide
142.Antique rocking chair purchased from the courthouse steps in Rusk Tx. In amazing condition and the wear is suppurb
143.Lot of 5 silver bracelets in assorted styles
144.Signed Huey Lewis and the News album cover
145.SUN Records "Blue Suede Shoes" is a rock-and-roll standard written and first recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955. It is considered one of the first rockabilly (rock-and-roll)
146.Color Me Bad framed I Wanna Sex You Up
147.Recognizing 2 Million in sales of New Jack City Soundtrack
148.Signed by The Box Tops
149.Lot of 5 silver hoop bracelets in assorted styles
150.Vintage wooden coffee table with lots of wear. Amazing character throughout. Apx 42in square
151.Lot of 6 beaded and stone bracelets in assorted styles
152.Presented to Ralph Carroll for over 500,000 copies of Jade to the max
153.Color Me Bad Framed display presented to Ralph Carroll for over 3 Million Copies of GIANT being sold
154.Framed Display recognizing over 1 Million Copies of New Jack City Soundtrack being sold
155.Framed Display recognizing over 1 Million Copies of New Voices that Care Single
156.Signed photo by Cab Calloway
157.Lot of beautiful pearl beads with matching clip earrings
158.Amazing vintage distressed dresser
159.Lot of 3 long necklaces including a rope chain, locket and "charm" necklace
160.The Outfield Framed album Presented to Ralph Carroll WCGQ for sale of 2 Million Copies of PLAY DEEP
161.Framed display recognizing over 1 million copies sold AGAINST THE WIND
162.Signed Bo Diddley Album cover
163.Signed Dan Fogelberg album cover
164.Les Paul Signed Album
165.PINK FLOYD THE WALL Limited Edition Picture Laser Disk
166.Lot of 6 Marvel "G.I. Joe" comic books, circa 1980's
167.Lot of 6 Marvel "G.I. Joe" comic books, circa 1980's
168.Lot of 7 Marvel "G.I. Joe" comic books, circa 1980's
169.Lot of 2 Marvel "Silver Surfer" comic books, circa 1980's
170.Lot of colorful beaded necklaces in assorted lengths
171.Vintage lockers / cupboards over 6ft tall
172.Lot of assorted beaded necklaces in varying sizes and styles
173.Michael Jackson Signed Album cover
174.Robert Plant signed ablum cover
175.Signed Album Cover: Barry Manilow
176.Bryan Jerry signed album cover
177.Robert Plant signed ablum cover
178.Framed Janis Joplin
179.Lot of 3 Silver necklaces including a choker, herringbone chain and braided chain
180.Modern Cherry finish Television cabinet with glass doors for entertainment system
181.Lot of 2 Oriental themed items including a belt buckle and spherical drop, both on a black background
182.Barry Manilo signed album cover : Here comes the night
183.Signed Bryan Ferry Album cover
184.Signed Mary Hopkin
185.Signed Joe Cocker framed display
186.Framed display with Friar Park
187.Framed photo of Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Director Taylor Hackford
188.Silver plated Baroque by Godinger flatware Serving pieces
189.Silver plated Baroque by Godinger flatware Including - 6 Butter Knifes - 5 Large Fork - 12 Large Spoons -16 Small Forks -17 Small Spoons
190.Folding Rack and tray
191.Two large chairs with carved bases and plush seats
192.Lot of 3 assorted beaded necklaces in assorted lengths and styles
193.Framed photo with Signatures of EAGLES
194.Two large chairs with carved bases and plush seats
195.Lot of 3 gold-toned necklaces in assorted styles
196.Signed EASY RIDER Movie actors including Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Jack Nicholson
197.Two large chairs with carved bases and plush seats
198.Lot of 3 necklaces including a wooden drill team necklace and two holiday themed necklaces
199.Signed Simon and Garfunkel
200.Signed Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive
201.Signed Billy Preston
202.Gerry and the Pacemakers
203.Chet Atkins autographed album cover
204.Lot of 4 necklaces in assorted styles
205.Signed by Van Halen
206.Antique Cupboard
207.Lot of 3 Marvel "X-Men" comic books, circa 1980's
208.Lot of 5 Marvel "X-Men" comic books, circa 1980's
209.Lot of 4 DC comics including "Robotech Defenders", "This is Wild Dog" and "Super Powers", circa 1980's
210.Lot of 5 silver necklaces in assorted styles
211.Home Baseball game.
212.Duplicated item removed.
213.Lot of 3 long necklaces in assorted styles
214.Vintage exercise gadget - the Flabkiller! Do you recognize the spokespeople?
215.Bernhardt Marble and wood buffet table, 46" long x 19" wide x 37" tall.
216.Presente to Edward Van Halen to commemorate over 1 Million Sales of VAN HALEN
217.Signed Sheryl Crow Cover
218.Signed Duran Duran Album Cover
219.Signed Gregg Allman Cover
220.Signed Petar Frmpton Album Cover
221.Lot of 5 gold chains in assorted sizes and styles
222.Small bench, 18" tall, 20" long
223.Lot of 2 black beaded necklaces in assorted lengths and styles
224.Old wooden bench very long over 10ft long
225.Lot of 4 DC comics including "Suicide Squad", "Omega Men", "Legion of Super Heroes" and "Sgt. Rock", circa 1980's
226.Lot of 5 DC "Mask" comic books, circa 1980's
227.Lot of 5 DC "Mask" comic books, circa 1980's
228.Bidding on Chest of drawers - great storage for the garage
229.Lot of assorted pendants and pins, including a gold sand dollar and sorority pins
230.Nice entry table with metal base. Used outdoors here but would look great in your entry or hall
231.Lot of assorted jewelry including earrings, gold chain and silver charm bracelet (star and crescent earrings and colorful stone earrings are sterling)
232.Bar height weave sea and back chair. Bidding on trwo one not seen in picture
233.Frazier and Frazier anvils
234.Key brass bookends
235.Lion bookends
236.Signed Steve Miller
237.Signed Dolores O'riordan
238.John Mayall signed album
239.Celebrating 1 Million copies of EMERGENCY
240.Celebrating 500,000 copies of EDDIE MONEY Cant Hold Back
241.Old vintage Cedar lined trunk. Apx 4 ft long just needs some TLC
242.Lot of 5 assorted Comico comic books, including "Jonny Quest", Star Blazers", "Grendel" and "Robotech", circa 1980's
243.Lot of 5 Comico "Robotech" comic books, circa 1980's
244.Lot of 4 Marvel "Transformers" comic books, circa 1980's
245.Lot of two 19th century reproduction Federal Style armchairs. Each measures approx. 24" wide and 40.5" tall
246.Tory Burch Size 12 coat and pants - Click pic for more photos
247.Lot of assorted gold and gold-toned earrings, pierced and clip
248.Black leather contemporary armchair with wooden legs
249.Mirrors 8" across, 2 pieces.
250.Christmas entertainment and décor. Reindeer plates, serving forks, a Santa plate and more…
251.Wooden faux snow covered birdhouses, 16" tall.
252.Department 56 special edition of Elvis Presley's Graceland.
253.Christmas décor featuring snowmen and Santa.
254.Beautiful Christmas pillows.
255.Engraved wood candle holders.
256.Lot of 4 pairs of assorted colorful stone earrings (red stone earrings are sterling)
257.Brown leather sofa with nailhead trim in rich chestnut finish
258.You will be ready for company with these plastic chargers - 26 red 14", 5 gold 12.5", 11 leopard 13".
259.Need a conversation piece? How about this chimpanzee bowl?
260.Bring shine to your room with this bowl and marble looking ball on stand.
261.Set of 5 black wired stocking holders.
262.Nature inspired home décor set - Pinecone candelabra with bird, pinecone incense, a leaf plate, a candle and a taper holder.
263.Dress your table in style with these unique wood platemats set of 9 & 6 green placemats.
264.Wrap your napkins in these beautifully painted napkin rings. Set of 10.
265.Two trays, one with birds of paradise and the other engraved wood.
266.Fall décor set with a wreath, two turkeys and picture frames.
267.Add these tassels to any home décor that needs some bling.
268.Lot of 4 sterling silver items including a comb, earrings and a drop pendant necklace
269.3 drawer chest with green finish; measures approx. 28" across, 17" deep and 31" high
270.Antiqued metal sign featuring the letter "P" with a cute burlap flower.
271.Cross collection with engraved metal on wood rendering of Jesus.
272.Dragonfly stained glass light shade, 15.5".
273.Table lamp featuring metal leaves on a leaf base, black lampshade.
274.A large whimsical wreath with two smiling snowmen will brighten your holidays.
275.Are you looking for a unique ornament? Check out these two mermaids! Their tails move.
276.This cream colored pedestal bowl will match any décor.
277.Classy ice bucket or storage container.
278.Elegant silver tea and coffee set.
279.Framed album presented to Ralph Carroll in recognition of 500,000 recordsof "THE REVIVAL"
280.Framed album of Foreigner 4
281.Signed Fleetwood Mac album
282.Signed Leon Russell
283.Signed Spin Doctors Sheet Music
284.Signed by Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland - The Adventures of Robin Hood
285.Signed Perry Mason
286.Arthur Court Peter Rabbit plate and cup set.
287.Collector Notre Dame Football glasses. 1982, 1983 & 1984.
288.Cream, navy and burgundy plaid sofa
289.Sheridan silver plated platter.
290.B Rogers silver scallop bowl.
291.Royal English by Wallace 14" silver platter.
292.Coffee server in silver, made in India. Admire the engravings.
293.Reed & Barton #4050, silver water pitcher.
294.Two stainelss steel serving trays and 4 candleholders/goblets.
295.Serve your guests in style with these trays and coffee pot.
296.Chippendale design adorns four pieces of this 6 piece set. One is Reed & Barton.
297.Reed & Barton #3002, Lotus Flower.
298.Various silver serving pieces, a grater, 4 heart placecard holders, an angel ornament and keys.
299.Harley Davidson Stein, limited edition #702 of 2000, 1989.
300.One of two: Marcel Breuer Wassily contemporary, metal-framed designer armchair by Knoll, with black leather seat, back and arms. Ultra-modern and ultra-comfortable! Retail for over $2,400 each.
301.Two silver serving bowls to add elegance to your tables.
302.Sheffield water pitcher would look beautiful on your table.
303.Holland scenes adorn this silver vase.
304.William A Rogers serving set - a platter and a pedestal bowl.
305.Set of 4 silver serving pieces.
306.This entertainment set of 2 trays features one with a bowl for dipping in the center.
307.Nieman Marcus carved knives, new, set of 6 in box.
309.Duplicate Items removed
310.Duplicate items removed
311.Fraternity collector glasses plus 6 wine glasses.
312.Lot of 5 Marvel "Transformers" comic books, circa 1980's
313.Lot of 4 Marvel "Transformers" comic books, circa 1980's
314.Lot of 5 DC "The Green Lantern Corps" comic books, circa 1980's
315.Two of two: Marcel Breuer Wassily contemporary, metal-framed designer armchair by Knoll, with black leather seat, back and arms. Ultra-modern and ultra-comfortable! Retail for over $2,400 each.
316.Duplicated item removed.
317.Duplicate Item Removed
318.Duplicate Item Removed
319.Duplicate Item Removed
320.Duplicate Item Removed
321.Duplicated item removed.
322.Silver traditional religious art made of pure silver
323.Jesus on the cross. Silveer Traditional Art made of pure silver
324.Angel art frames this mirror. 43x33"
325.Poster signed by The Tractors band members; 24"x34"
326.Small black side table with open shelf, latticework sides and tapered spindle legs. Top is approx. 14" deep, 17.5" deep, and 29" tall
327.Religious artwork on wood by Zantium.Depecting Jesus with halo. As grown man.
328.Religious art featuring Jesus on wood after crucifiction
329.Silver traditional religious art. Made of pure Silver
330.Various religious figures adorn this art, silver traditional art.
331.Round religious art.
332.Iron caduceus, traditional symbol of Hermes, referred in America as the symbol of medicine. Apx 27 in long
333.New Ron Miller golf bag.
334.Four retro hunting themed wood TV trays. Conveniently folds up onto a stand.
335.Set of 5 Native American figurines.
336.Original poster from the Esperanza Bonanza Festival; 22"x14"
337.Small wooden writing desk with matching chair in rich, black finish. Desk features hand-painted scene on top. Deslk is approx. 17" wide, 13" deep and 24.5" tall
338.Never be without candlelight…Two brass taper holders, two glass tapper holders and one metal candle with lid.
339.Mary, Joseph and Jesus figurines.
340.3 brass horns.
341.Adorn your dining table with these unique napkin rings and 3 coasters from India. The silver rings are flatware repurposed.
342.Two Le Creuset pans, a Cuisinart pan and 2 cutting boards.
343.One Fitz and Flyod mini pitcher. One decorative tea and saucer. Both with green and red accents.
344.Retro bartender case with 4 cups, 2 shot glasses and a bottle opener with the bonus Happy Hour cocktail recipe book.
345.Wooden home décor pieces with a dried gourd. Spruce up any small space with these pieces.
346.Squid picture, an umbrella, playing cards and more..
347.Signed Steve Taylor Photograph
348.Signed Ricky Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis
349.Signed Steve Cropper
350.Signed Arlo Guthrie Score
351.Del Shannon Signed
352.Signed WHITESNAKE framed album cover
353.The Kingsmen Signed Album Cover
354.Signed ARC Angels album flat
355.Signed Joan Baez album cover
356.Vintage goggles in original box.
357.Original poster from the Handy Blues Awards; 19"x32"
358.Beautiful hand-painted wooden writing desk, in navy and gold tones, with burgundy legs/frame. Desk is approx. 35" wide, 22" deep and 30"
359.Metal moose tealight candle holder. How unique!
360.Marble wine bottle holder, wine stopper and wine charms. Now you're all set for company!
361.Engraved wood vase, taper holder and two flutes.
362.Iconic Old West - the spur.
363.Classic home décor by Seiko - the mantle clock. Works great as a filler for a bookshelf too!
364.Wireless Viedo Bridge by Motorola.
365.Various books.
367.Standing cardboard cut-out signed by the band Shenandoah; 13" tall
368.Wrought iron and stone buffet table with built-in wine rack underneath. Includes a glass top
369.Fill your bookshelves…
370.Have you read these?
371.Books and home décor, includes a book end.
372.More reading material.
373.Various books.
374.Contents of the entire shelf including books and dome clock
375.Duplicated item removed.
376.Set of 4 colorful glasses made in the Czech Republic.
377.Assortment of glasses for your every need.
378.Poster signed by Arista recording artists including Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn and Pam Tillis; 24"x18"
379.Lot of 5 DC "The Green Lantern Corps" comic books, circa 1980's
380.Lot of 2 DC "Atari Force" comic books, circa 1980's
381.Lot of 3 Marvel "ROM" comic books, circa 1980's
382.Lot of 6 Marvel "X-Factor" comic books, circa 1980's
383.Black farm table with black finish; approx 5' long
384.Pewter and silver assorted barware. One goblet from 1985, Germany. One Goodinger Silver Art Co. Check photos for other markings.
385.Set of 4 golf related beer mugs.
386.Various shot glasses.
387.Fun souvenir glasses.
388.Four beer mugs when a glass is not enough.
389.Set of 8 glasses for those cool summer drinks.
390.Fun painted glasses plus 2 red stemed wine glasses.
391.Glasses for your entertaining needs.
392.Initial engraved glasses.
393.Two original posters from The Marcellus Jones Party in 1989; 14"x22"
394.Vintage octagonal end table
395.Set of 6 crackle look glass votives with pewter accent.
396.Set of 4 beer mugs.
397.Wine lover? This is your set.
398.Various metal home décor items will fit into any décor.
399.Martini glasses, set of 8.
400.Serving wine? Here's a set for you.
401.These beverage decanters will beautify your bar.
402.This set of 14 glasses is perfect for serving wine or cosmos.
403.Be ready for Christmas with this beautiful set of glasses and a Santa long matches holder.
404.Poster signed by BlackHawk country band members
405.Rattan shelf on casters
406.Rolling stand for your heavy décor.
407.It's a great time to take advantage of the beautiful weather by having a picnic by using this wicker picnic basket.
408.Antique knife
409.Set of 4 small serving dishes, perfect for small amounts of food.
410.Extra large Christmas décor. Set of 6 stockings measuring 27" tall!
411.Fill in those empty spaces with these decorative pieces.
412.Set of 4 bow ties.
413.Various book selections fiction and non fiction.
414.Signed Christopher Cross cover
415.Signed U2 A signed LP "Under the Blood Red Sky"
416.Ozzy Osbourne signed Photo
417.Signed David Sanborn "Close Up Album
418.Signed Van Morrison Album cover
419.Signed Foreigner Album cover
420.Signed Bob Hope framed photo
421.Signed by The Police - Stoewart Copeland / Sting / and Andy Summers
422.Framed Bryan Adams record commemorating 1 Million sales of Reckless
423.Framed RCA Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel Jailhouse Rock
424.Framed 90210 Soundtrack commemorating the 500,000 copies sold
425.Books for your reading pleasure.
426.Poster signed by country singer Steve Warner
427.Wicker headboard and night stand - Bed is apx 60 in wide
428.Are you a reader? Have you read these?
429.Book sets.
430.A large book selection.
431.Love to read? Have you seen these?
432.The Smithsonian book of books, The Testament are two titles.
433.Lithophane night light made of translucent porcelain.
434.A set of bunnies and taper candle holders beautifully painted.
435.Duplicated item removed.
436.New in the box deluxe charging station.
437.A convenient way to serve drinks when outdoors, just pump!
438.Original poster from the Spring Concerts in Olde Towne concert series
439.Lot of 6 Marvel "X-Factor" comic books, circa 1980's
440.Lot of 3 DC "Hex" comic books, circa 1980's
441.Lot of 4 Marvel "Elf Quest" comic books, circa 1980's
442.Cute decorative Botanical Ottoman from Karma Living
443.Howdy! Miller Bros cowboy hat.
444.A straw hat is what you need to keep the Texas sun off your face.
445.A cowboy hat is a Texas necessity.
446.No wardrobe is complete without an original Stetson hat.
447.Misc pillows
448.Misc pillows
449.Misc pillows
450.Misc pillows
451.Misc pillows
452.Misc pillows
453.Original poster from the Summer Blues Festival; approx. 17"x23"
454.Another decorative ottoman
455.Misc pillows
456.Misc pillows
457.Misc pillows
458.Misc pillows
459.Misc ifireplace items
460.Vintage Folding chairs set of 3
461.Apx 18in tall metal decorative shelf
462.Apx 24in tall. Don't miss this amaziing decorative metal house accessory
463.Original poster from the Family Affair Club presentation of Bobby Bland; 22"x28"
464.Wire decorative bust
465.Vintage floor lamp with torch glass top.
466.Tiffany style lamp shade with hundreds of stained glass pieces.Needs a little tlc apx 23in across
467.Decorative string lights 9 boxes
468.Outdoor ratan bench and sidetable
469.Flamingo plant stand
470.Vintage lamps see pics
471.ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL BEVELED glass top iron table Don't miss out on this one
472.Paris Decoration apx 33in tall
473.Jewelry Tree
474.Iron glass top table with round top
475.Original poster from the Family Affair Club presentation of Tyrone Davis; 22"x31"
476.Beautifully decorated chest of drawers
477.Wicker bench
478.Old wire frame chair and vintage stand
479.Set of two iron crosses
480.Decorative metal bench with beautiful scroll work
481.Beautiful iron display. Could be used inside or out.
482.wooden folding chair
483.large planter
484.Pillar Lights on stands
485.WOW Now this is smoke house. Works like a champ ! Feed the bottom pan and smoke away
486.Iron Racks
487.Lot of 2 original poster from the Blues Awards in Memphis in October of 1990; 20"x28"
488.Decorative wooden ladder perfect to hand small items: Scarves etc
489.Planters and Pots
490.Set of rocking horses
491.Radio Flyer Tricycle
492.Sete of 2 nice folding chairs
493.Apx 29in long, this decorative tray is perfect to load up your afternoon treats take outside and relax on the porch
494.Vintage light post fixtures
495.Large storage trunk
496.Large Garden Bakers rack comes will all contents seen in picture
497.Decorative lot of misc garden decorations
498.Framed album commemorating 500,000 copies of IMAGINE
499.Sined LP cover by Paul Kantner and Jack Casady as well as Grace Slick and Marty Balin
500.Signed Janis Ian
501.Signed color promo by Billy Joe Royal
502.Signed Edgar Winter photo
503.Signed John Astin photo
504.Signed Dion Greatest Hits Cover
505.Signed by THE ANIMALS
506.Signed by Eric Burdon and 45 sleeve
507.Lot of vintage lights and candles
508.Poster from the Rolling Stones world tour 2002/2003, including backstage and VIP passes
509.White wicker shelf unit
510.Decorative candle stick for pillar candle
512.Ratan bench and side table
513.Iron framed amazing heart shaped chair
514.Vintage tubular stand with glass shelves
515.WOW -This pelican looks TIRED… HA What a great way to refurbish tires
516.Very nice heavy iron framed sofa table with Grape theme and tempered glass top
517.Wooden accent piece
518.Vintage light fixture
519.Lot of 2 "Taking Wing" art posters from the department of agriculture; 30"x17"
520.Shelf and kids books
521.Elephant and planter
522.Outdoor rug 5x7
523.Candles and holders
524.planter with tree3 and garden bee
525.Kenmore Ice maker
526.Comp 1 Vintage Skiis - Cut n Jump
527.Vinage set of NASH CRUISERS JR.
528.Silver Streak Ski
529.Large bundle of netting
530.Signed photo of musician/comedian R.C. Lightnin; 8.5"x11"
531.Small bookshelf
532.Old Grill
533.Vintage desk lamp
534.Magna Glacier Point Bicycle
535.Brush Guard
536.Misc lot of items on old tool box
537.Lot of like new kid items including baby crib and other items seen here
538.Interesting lighting fixtures. Don't miss out on these amazing pieces
539.Dyson Vac
540.Nice little golf cart for your little golfer
542.Duplicate items removed - Poster, circa 1975, signed by The Eagles band members
543.Lot of 4 Marvel "Elf Quest" comic books, circa 1980's
544.Lot of 6 Marvel "The 'Nam" comic books, circa 1980's
545.Lot of 5 Marvel "The 'Nam" comic books, circa 1980's
546.Nice chest of drawers
547.Old copper pitcher
548.Vintage bird bath
549.Lubetech Heavy Duty Grease Set of 8
550.Metal Shelf and all contents
551.Pet Taxi
552.Small iron magazine rack / organizer
553.Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
554.Building materials
555.Miscn Vintage Shakespear Wonder Troll Trolling motor
556.Precious Moments All Signed see additional pics
557.Wonderful shelf for your kids room
558.Bidding on trunk , cooler, bowling ball drink containers
559.Diamond plated Tool box
560.Whirlpool Trash Masher
561.Shelf and contents
562.Holmes Wire rim four blade vintage fan
563.Lot of vintage items including Old Sunshine Coffee can
564.Grinder and timing light
565.POW MIA with old Luxtone radio and cantene
566.Now this is an old thermometer. Micronta
567.Signed Everly Brothers
568.Perfect for grilling shimp , veggies, and corn
569.Lo of 3 precious moments
570.Amazing Kids shelf and dresser
571.Old BB gun
572.Signed Tiny Tim
573.Beautiful breakfast table
574.Contemporary sculpture on black metal stand. Features gold and brown coloring on a black background. Stands approx. 20" tall and measures 12" wide
575.Wrougt iron magazine rack featuring scrollwork and a star motif in a medium brown finish. Measures approx. 20" wide and 17" tall
576.Unique cylindrical umbrella stand, approx. 22" tall and 10" across. Depicts an English gentleman on horseback.
577.Exquisite original Impressionistic oil painting signed by the artist. Measures approx. 49" x 38". Retail price was $1900+
578.One of two: Striking arrangement with branches and delicate red berries in a black lacquer-finish square container. Will add a touch of class to your home décor. Stands approx. 48" tall.
579.Signed Patsy Cline
580.Two of two: Striking arrangement with branches and delicate red berries in a black lacquer-finish square container. Will add a touch of class to your home décor. Stands approx. 48" tall.
581.Lot of 4 Marvel "The West Coast Avengers" comic books, circa 1980's
582.Lot of 4 Marvel "The West Coast Avengers" comic books, circa 1980's
583.Lot of 4 Marvel "Groo" comic books, circa 1980's
584.Silver-plated punch bowl with a fluted bowl on a pedestal base. Polishing will make this beauty shine!
585.Duplicate items removed
586.Small plaque depicting Jesus, in gold leaf on wood; measures approx. 5.5" x 8".
587.Depiction of Mary and Jesus in metallic gold and warm tones in a gilded frame, approx. 10" x 12"
588.Depiction of Jesus and the Disciples in a tree of life. Features vibrant colors and metallic gold accents on a primitive wooden canvas and wooden frame. Includes a certificate of authenticity. Measures 21" x 16"
589.Another depition of Mary and Jesus in metal on wood; measures 7" x 5.5"
590.Duplicate Item Removed
591.Religious artwork painted in bright gold and other warm tones on a wooden plank; measures 10.5" x 8.5"
592.Signed Jon Secada
593.Frankie Valli Signature
594.Lot of 4 precious Moments
595.Signed AL Jarreau album cover
597.John Belushi Signed lobby card
598.Miniature Vintage Tea Set
599.Lot of 6 Marvel "The Avengers" comic books, circa 1980's
600.Lot of 6 Marvel "Captain America" comic books, circa 1980's
601.Lot of 7 Marvel "Iron Man" comic books, circa 1980's
602.Rod Stewart signed color photo
603.Signed Carlos Santana Photo
604.Beautiful Lomonosov Porcelain teapot, cup and saucer and bowl set with cobalt blue and metallic gold accents; Teapot stands approx. 6" tall. Retail price is $500+
605.Bavarian Santa Clause From The Collectors Ediion
606.Hard-shell travel case for a large musical instrument; stands approx. 55" tall
607.Beautifully constructed, solid wood Noah's Ark playset, approx. 17" tall, 22.5" long and 9" wide.
608.Original oil on canvas, signed by artist Charlie Becker, depicting a vintage black 1966 Ford Mustang; measures 12" x 9"
609.Marshall amplifier, model G15R CD; measures approx. 14.5" x 15"
610.Signed Patty Loveless
611.Lot of three figurines including kittens children and lady
612.Mary Chapin Carpenter signed framed photo
613.Cabbage Patch Kids 1985 with signed bottoms… See pics
614.Lot of little women
615.Vintage toy doll see all pics
616.Very ornate primitive wooden chest with metal detailing
617.Lot of miscellaneous tools
618.Vintage wooden mirror
619.Vintage wooden mirror in rectangular frame
620.Lot of 2 Marvel "Strange Tales" comic books, circa 1980's
621.Lot of 5 Marvel "Strikeforce Morituri" comic books, circa 1980's
622.Lot of 8 Marvel: New Universe "Justice" comic books, circa 1980's
623.Lot of 4 Marvel: New Universe Comics including "Kickers Inc." and "Spitfire"
624.Lot of 4 Marvel: New Universe Comics including "Spitfire", "Merc" and "Nightmask"
625.Signed James House Photo
626.Lot of miscellaneous items, as pictured, including a thermous, alarm clock and square dish
627.Vintage Kirby vacuum cleaner
628.Lot of 3 glass Christmas sports ball ornaments, new in the box
629.Lot of 3 Powerhorn sirens
630.Decorative iron panels for covering doors or large windows
631.Metal ceiling-mounted rack; could be used for pot rack
632.Vintage 9.9 horsepower Evinrude boat motor
633.Flat bottom boat and trailer
634.Lot of assorted clay pots and planters
635.Set of Royal Tudor "Petite Fleur" dishes, including 3 dessert plates and 2 cup and saucer sets in a delicate navy on cream pattern
636.Signed Don McLean Photo
637.Signed John Mellencamp photo
638.Signed Harry Connick Jr
639.Signed Chuck Berry
640.Rick Nelson photo signed
641.Signed Ricky Van Shelton Photo
642.Signed Collin Ray
643.Signed Tanya Tucker
644.Marble desk clock and pen holder featuring bright colors and rhinestone details; approx. 8.5" long x 3" tall
645.Lot of 2 new items new in the box, including a SanDisk digital audio player and an AT&T flip phone
646.Lot of 3 bottles of perfume including Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and Annick Goutal French perfume
647.Arbonne NutriMenC RE9 Reveal Exfoliating Wash, new in the package/never used
648.Ladies black leather belt with silver and black accents
649.Lot of 3 items including a silver plated scalloped jewelry tray, amber colored ashtray and a Crown Colony Mix-Up crystal trinket box
650.Lot of new, in box, Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford anti-aging skincare products, as shown
651.Signed Ric Ocasek and Paulina Large framed poster apx 24in by 24in
652.Signed Led Zeppelin Album signed by Robert Plant and John Paul Jones
653.Signed Kentucy Headhunters Poster
654.Signed Rufus Thomas Poster
655.Signed Pink Floyd THE WALL poster
656.Framed Lightning Hopkins Poster
657.Framed Mark May Poster
658.Incomplete set (as shown) of vintage Franciscan Earthenware dishes in the Hacienda Gold pattern
659.Set of vintage Franciscan Earthenware serving pieces including pitchers in assorted sizes, bowls and a salt shaker. Some pieces have blemishes, as shown
660.Lot of 6 Marvel: New Universe "D.P.7" comics, circa 1980's
661.Lot of 4 assorted Star comic books, including "Spider-Ham", "Care Bears", "Silver Hawks" and Madballs", circa 1980's
662.Lot of 4 Marvel "Spider-Man" comic books, circa 1980's
663.Lot of 4 Marvel "Spider-Man" comic books, circa 1980's
664.Lot of 4 Marvel "Spider-Man" comic books, circa 1980's
665.Lamps Click link to see lot
666.Turquis base lamp and two others. Click link to see all
667.Lot of blankets
668.Lot of vegintable toys
669.Lot of two toys
670.Framed Bobby Jones Photo and display
671.Color Me Bad Framed Commemorative wall art celbrating 2 million I Wanna Sex You Up
672.Signed Monkees album cover Signed by Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones
673.Wall Quotes LIVE LAUGHT LOVE
674.Lot of Puzzles
675.Charades and Presidential building blocks
676.Lit globe
677.Elegant crib bumper pads
678.Misc blankets Including St. Labre Indian School
679.Fabric 107in by 89in
680.Beautiful quilt 93 x 60
681.Beautiful INDIAN quilt
682.Golden design on dark background 79in by 26in
683.Amazing fabric 21x69in
684.Amazing fabric with geometric patterns 66 x 41
685.Indian quilted design fabric
686.Duplicate item-removed
687.Small Christmas tree skirts
688.Beatufiul deep red fabric
689.Lot of pillows and blanket
690.Spring time yellow and white blankets
691.Black fabrick with golden flowers
692.Indian quilt 82 x 56
693.Best of the Beach Boys Album - signed by Mike Love Carl Wilson and Al Jrdine
694.Steve Wariner poster
695.Jouney Signed by Neal Schon
696.Wall mounted Aftican Game: Including Rhino, Zebra, and a giraffe from Anthropologie - Retails for over $65 each
697.Stuffed Giraffe boards
700.Misc including large star
701.Small vintage doll
702.Lot of Misc figurines
703.Lot of 8 Marvel "Alpha Flight" comic books, circa 1980's
704.Lot of 4 Archie Series "PEP" and "Jughead" magazines, circa 1980's
705.Boxed lot of assorted comic books in varied states of disrepair, from slight tears to stains
706.Vintage Doll
707.Lot of three misc figurines including small deer
708.Vintage doll with silver outfit
709.Small lot of two inclufing small flower shaped teacup and hinged container
710.Lot of 4 misc items including orchid and candle sticks
711.Large Parrot
712.Wonderful night time fairytale windchimes - Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat and the fiddle
713.Huge collection of beads in all different colors.
714.Basket with eggs
715.Noise Maker- Yes this thing works like a charm
716.Check out this indian rowing along. Very nice toy
717.Total kid care here. Don't lose out
718.Memorex Radio
719.Bunny items perfect for easter
720.Signed LOVE PRINCE Framed Album Cover
721.Record World Country Singles Chart
722.Signed By Dimebag Darrel, Vinnie Paul, Patrick Lachman and Bob Zilla
723.Toms Desert Wedge size 10
724.Perfect for a shaby chic corner or niche
725.Lot containing a fish mirror and totem
726.Framed small pic of two ballet dancers getting ready
727.Lot of baby care materials
728.Lot of Mardi Gras items
729.Belkin Wireless router
730.Lot of various frames
731.Lot of misc decorations
732.Vintage Photo display in decorative stand
733.Lot of various Bunnies
734.Small suspended ornament
735.Small Tea set
736.Madam Alexander Holiday doll
737.Lot of posters. See link to see them
738.Small lot fo squirels and dolphins
739.Everyone should remember who this is. Just in time for Easter
740.Wooden Tray
741.Small lot of indian dall and rug
742.Lot of small items
743.Lot including bunnies
744.IPOD DOC For speakers
745.Zojirushi Cooler 16oz thermos
746.Brass lot of trinket holders and bell
747.Signed KISS cover
748.Crown Royal 2005 Arkansas Derby Winner
749.Platinum album celebrating Europe Sales - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
750.My First Tooth and curls Silver teddy bear containers
751.Miisc silver items including cup and horse shaped bank
752.Lot including Easter items
753.Lot of misc baskets
754.Lot of mIsc Baskets
755.Lot of Toys
756.Beats Solo
757.Lot of Household items to keep things in order
758.All contents you see on shelf. Shelf sold in different lot
759.Framed album celebrating There's No Getting Over Me by Ronnie Milsap
760.Pink Floyd Collectible magazine
761.Signed Mary Hopkin Album cover
762.Lot of play dolls
764.Collectible Doll in gold dress
765.Set of four dolls
766.Set of three dolls
767.Set of two dolls in blue dresses
768.Set of two dolls
769.Set of three Vintage dolls
770.Lot of various decorations
771.Lot of Home Decorations
772.Lot of Home Decorations
773.Lot of decorative vinyl
774.Lot of Of misc items including Decorativ jar
775.Lot of two archetectural prints
776.Various items including organizer
777.Medela Pump in bag.
778.Lot of decorative photo frames and albums
779.Lot of various Fabric
780.Tailored bedskirts
781.India made blanket 84in by 30in
782.Signed Robert Plant Album cover
783.Signed album cover - New Riders of the purple Sage
784.Signed Kramer Classic by Eddie Van Halen
785.Signed by Aerosmith - This Austin Electric guitar would make a great addition to any collection
786.Louis Armstrong Doll
787.James Brown Dancin and Shoutin
788.India made Blanket 85in by 40in
789.India Made 80 x 26
790.Shower Curtain 70 x 70
791.Black 80 x 26 fabric
792.75 x 26in fabric
793.Various Fabric items see link for details
794.Three Large pots
795.Various items including copper pot
796.Lot of batteries and more
797.Lot of various decorative candles
798.St George Lady Dragon Slayer new dart board
799.Kings Head Pub Dart board and games
800.Signed baseball: Signed by three of the BEATLES -
801.Shelby collectors diecast cars
802.The Doors signed album by Morrison
803.Soft Serve Cuisinart ice cream maker
804.Lot of coffee cups
805.Recorder and Camera
806.Cutting boards
807.Lot of Misc cookware
808.Set of two trays including one that is decorative with handles
809.Lot of hand tools
810.Wire baskets
811.Lot of misc including small silver basket with handle
812.Misc lot including sign
813.Lot of various bakeware
814.Candle Warmer
815.Lot of vintage cookware
816.Lot of three tins
817.Large lot of cookbooks
818.Lot Of two baking dishes
819.Shelf of contents
820.Lot of various items including travel clock
821.Shelf of glasses
822.Lot of misc kitchen items
823.Beautiful pitcher and glasses depicting fruit
824.Bouillabaisse Guy Buffet Collection plate
825.Serving bowll and accessories
826.Enamel pot and clay pitcher
827.Misc Lot including blue pitcher
828.Kitchen Aid Pouring shield
829.Lot of wood trays
830.Serving tray
831.Various items including
832.Lot of varioius Square votives and vases
833.Large glass lot
834.Foot stool and other items
835.Lot of lights
836.Woodeen lot of misc containers
837.Small decorative cannon
838.Varous Décor
839.Iphone Earbuds
840.Lot of three inc metal butterfly
841.Lot of Mikasa Intaglio dishes
842.Brass cookbook holder
843.Strewsbury Dishes
844.Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany
845.Lot of 1897 Decorative plates Click pic for more pics
846.Decorative stemware See more glasses in link
847.Large punch bowl and cups
848.Small 1/10 Gold Panda Coin Pendant
849.1980 1/4 oz Solid Gold Krugerrand Coin South African Pendant
851.Huge collection of sterling sivler
852.Beautiful silver necklace and ring
853.Gold necklace and pendants
854.Various Earrings
855.Various Rings
856.Emerson Boston Piano
857.Large floor mirror with amazing modern appeal. Perfect for any home
858.Large interior plant
859.Set of Crown Royal Tumbler Von Pok Made in Italy tumblers
860.Beautiful necklace -
861.Set of tumblers with crystal tumblers
862.Lot of Glassware
863.Lot of two purses
864.14k gold pendant
865.Lot of misc jewelry
866.Lot of two Jewelry Containers
867.Lot of ribbon
868.Beautiful embossed decorative container 22in x 22in x 5in tall
869.Beautiful oil Del Castillo 36x31
870.Books Including Force Recon Diary
871.Books including Bleed for Me
872.Books including COLONY
873.Books including Cradle and All
874.Books including A CERTAIN JUSTICE
875.Books including French Women Don't Get Fat
876.Books including The man who loved Cat Dancing
877.Books including THE CHAMBER
878.Books Including Cruel and Unusual
879.Books Including Hill Towns
880.Books Including Brightness Falls
881.Books Including The Theory of the Novel
882.Books including For Whom the Bell Tolls
883.Books including SPAIN
884.Books Including Body Farm
885.Books including Ross Thomas
886.Books inlcuding Trials
887.Books including Saving Faith
888.Books including First Offence
889.Books Including Encyclopedia - two shelves
890.Books Including Sports Trivia
891.Books including The SpyMaster
892.Books inlcuding Encyclopedia
893.Books and misc items on shelves
894.Books Including My God and My all
895.Large lot of books
896.Vintage Dresser
897.Folding luggage stand
898.Victorian High back Setee with red velvet Damask fabric. Includes bench
899.Various lot of Misc Diamond Cubit Zirconium earrings
900.Small gold Oil Pump --- Lufkin Industries
901.Loads of Christmas Stuff… Whole shed full See pics for details
902.Set of three steel buckets
903.Large BBQ Pot
904.Bird bath
905.Misc baby beds. Whimsicle style
906.Snow Skiis
907.Unitech ski
908.Metal Ramps
909.Stainless Double sink
910.Large stainless sink
911.Wood Baby Crib
912.Old School Desk
913.Shelf Full of Misc including Chainsaw
914.Lot of two shelves and misc items
915.OLD antique rocking chair
916.Old Wicker rocking chair
917.Old Wicker chair
919.Chair rocking chair
920.Large vintage dresser
921.Old antique Chevy Bullet hub caps
922.Old Chevrolet caps
923.Trunk full of mardi gras beeds
924.Lot of filing cabinets
926.Wire kennels
927.OLD candle chandelier
928.98 Regency Oldsmobile
932.Framed Artwork of old farmhouse 18x22
933.Framed art of Railroad on Praire - Steve Trower limited Edition 159 of 500 size 19x29
934.Framed artwork of old wagontrail by Dennish Schmidt limited ed 668 of 980 Size is 20x32
935.Signed by Jim Gray - This art of the seashore is calming and perfect for that bungalow style home or room. Size 19 x 26
936.Stylized chair with misc items apx 32x 25
937.Apx 25x30 this framed artwork cherubs relaxing
938.Johnny Laughing Wolf Copyright Menteague - apx 20x17
939.Large photograph of USS Simon Bolivar SBN 641 Signed and presented to Commander Poland USN 28 x 20
940.Framed art of little house in meadow
941.Winter Bridge Art work covered with snow
942.Vintage Art with old truck and general store
943.Vintage "Jimmy Gray Hill"
944.21x25. This framed sketch is of ASHLAND and is in limited ed. 159 of 250
945.21x25. This framed sketch is of Plantation Home and is in limited ed. 159 of 251
946.Framed art of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland 26x35 - framed by Franklin and is handcolored
947.Framed art of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland 26x35 - framed by Franklin and is handcolored
948.Decorative HARMONIES
949.Amazing framed and sealed historical document 33x32
950.The Lady is a Champ framed art "Genuine Risk" Signed and numbered Lee Jackson 368 of 500 25x30
951.Old Houston Map Framed
952.A LUFKIN LINE REPRODUCTION Painting by EM Schiwetz 16.5 x 21
953.Framed A Lukfin Line Reproduction Painting of old house Remnants of a ranch near Fredricksburg, tx --- EM Buck Schiwetz
954.Framed A Lukfin Line Reproduction Frozen moments Water color framed painting
955.Framed A Lukfin Line Reproduction Deserted house near Port O'Connor, Tx
956.Old photo of barn
957.Lufkin Line Reproduction - Small boat Harbor Along the Texas Coast
958.Lufkin Line Reproduction - A Fisherman's Haven Along the Texas Gulf E.M. Buck Schiwetz
959.Lufkin Line Reproduction - Canal Della Venice Italy by E.M. Buck Schiwetz
960.A Lufkin line reproduction of herfords by water
961.A Lufkin line reproduction ship channel near San Jacinto
962.A Lufkin Line Production Christmas in a Cotton Patch
963.A Lufkin Line Production Well in valley
966.Large limited ed 113/200
967.Limited Ed THE RUSH COLLECTION - Titled POWER WINDOWS - 470/500
968.Basketball goal
970.Trailer… Perfect for hauling your motorcycles and ATVs
971.Small utility lawn trailer
972.Leaf and trimmings bag for lawn maintenance
973.Galvenized table
974.Old Armoire
975.Nice In very good condition Pool Table
976.Frazier and Frazier cast iron Elephant
977.AKAI Receiver
978.Fan / units
979.Nice SONY Radio System and sub 500+ W power
980.Huge lot of misc musical books and
981.Babsolutely stunning Chimp Doll
982.Chest of drawers
983.Amazing desk lamp
984.Amazing dreamcatcher
985.Amazing lot of Frazier and Frazier cast iron weights
986.Lot of misc items
987.Amazing Indian Rug apx 10x6
988.Portable hand powered organ
989.Amazing oak double drop leaf table
990.Large upholstry Chair
991.Stationary bike
992.Large hanging artwork apx 65x60
993.Lot of two end tables
994.Office with two vintage Sofas and End table
995.Vintage Chevrolet 3800 Sidepanel Truck


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