Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?
From the home page menu, click Register to Bid. Please read all terms. Once you register you will get an email sent to you with your bidder number and password. You will need this information to participate in the event.

Is it safe to put my personal information into the system?
When you type in your information, check out the URL. It begins with “https:” The “s” signifies that the information you are entering is placed into a website with the same security protocols that banks and other financial interties uses.

Why do I need to input credit card information?
We use the credit information for identification verification purposes. Your card is only used in the event you are not able to abide by the terms and pay for your winning items at the designated times for each auction.


When do you hold auctions?
We always have something coming up or going on. We will host events 7 days a week. Check the back often. Many events are short notice kinds of events where they may only be on the site for 3 days or sometimes less.

How do I place a bid or max bid?
There are two boxes where bids can be placed. The one on the left is in a column called “Your Bid”. Place your desired bid here. There is a required bid amount stated for each item. Your bid must meet or exceed that bid to be accepted. The far right column labeled “Your Maximum” is where you can place a max bid. You should place the next required bid into the “Your Bid” column and your max bid in the “Your Maximum” columns to the far right in the event you want to place a bid into the system to have the system automatically increase your bid if outbid. Once you have typed in your bid/bids, scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your bidder number and password that you received when you registered. Hit Submit. A verification screen will show up next. Your bid is still not in the system until you verify the bid and hit “Submit Bid” again.

Extended Bidding?
All of our events have extended bidding. This is to prevent sniping, the act of coming in at the last seconds of an auction and trying to place a bid right before it closes in an effort to not allow another bidder to have time to respond. We strive to simulate a live auction event to the best of our ability. Any time ownership changes in the last few minutes of an item’s close time, we extend the bidding of that item to allow for ongoing bidding. The item will not close so long as there is active bidding going on.

How do I know if I won the item I was bidding on?
The bid box will disappear and you will see the word “Ended”. If the bidder number displayed is your number, YOU WON! Invoices will be sent to the email listed in your bidder profile used when you signed up after all items have ended for that event.

Can I bid on more than 1 item at a time?
Each auction typically has 50 items per page. You can place your bids on all 50 items before submitting the bid.

What is a Maximum Bid?
A Maximum Bid is the highest dollar amount you are willing to pay for a specific item. If you enter a Maximum bid, the system will automatically bid for you up to the specified Maximum bid amount. For example: If you entered a current bid requirement of $10.00 and you enter a Maximum bid of $40. If no other bids are placed on that item you would be the winner at your $10 bid. If another bidder places a bid of $30 on the item you will now be winning at the $30 plus 1 increment amount level (for example: $30 + $1 = $31). You can also raise your Maximum Bid WITHOUT having to raise your own bid! Our system will now allow you to raise your Maximum Bid. For example, you originally placed a Maximum Bid amount of $40.00 and now you want to increase the maximum bid to $100.00? All you need to do is submit another bid for the $100.00 bid in the “Maximum Bid” box. As long as your previous Maximum Bid was at least 1 increment higher than any other bidders’ Maximum Bid, the current price on the item will not change.

How can I make sure I am seeing the most current bidding information on the screen?
During the bidding process you will need to refresh or reload your page to ensure you are viewing the most current bidding screen.


How and when do I pay for my items?
Every auction has a location listed and a pickup time for that event. You will need to pay the personnel hosting the event when you pick up the items you won. Pickup times are firm. If you cannot make the pickup time and the manager of the event, cannot work with you to identify an alternative pickup time, your credit card on file will be charged your invoice amount and the items give away to charity.


What do I do if I feel like something was misrepresented?
Every auction event has a preview. Every item sold on this sight is “SOLD AS IS WHERE IS”. However, if you pick something up and it was obviously not described appropriately, simply call the manager of that event over to discuss the situation. There are times when we make mistakes, and we will make them right when possible to do so. That being said, If the issue can be seen in the picture or is referred to in the text of the description, then you will have to honor your purchasing agreement and pay for the item on your invoice. We try to hold the highest standards in the business. If you cannot resolve an issue with the affiliate then you may call our corporate office to help come to a resolution.


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